Logistics Technical Assistant Moldova

Logistics Technical Assistant Moldova


All NRC employees are expected to work in accordance with the organisation’s core values: dedication, innovation, inclusivity and accountability. These attitudes and believes shall guide our actions and relationships. 

Role and responsibilities 

The Fleet Technical Assistant is responsible for driving, coordinating transportation schedules, maintaining inventory lists, and other office tasks.  

Generic responsibilities 

Assist in transporting NRC staff, visitors, documents and goods/materials to designated destinations when officially approved 

Ensure the safety and security of the passengers (if driving), the goods and the vehicles are kept in good repair. 

Immediately report accidents, breakdowns and needs of repair and general maintenance/service 

Respect the local traffic regulations and the NRC logistical/vehicle policies at all times 

Maintain the logbook for all trips 

Maintain the vehicle in proper operating condition at all times, including keeping the vehicle clean, ensuring enough fuel, checking the technical state etc.  

In liaison with the line manager, arrange for repairs and servicing  

Ensure the assigned vehicles has all the necessary documents and equipment  

To report all damage, as required.  

Provide logistical support during trainings and workshops 

Specific responsibilities  

Assists in the assets management cycle through Registering assets, Creating assets folder, Tagging, Release & Return through (ATF or Check in/Check out forms) and on spot update of the Assets Management database. 

Assists in the Periodic Assets Physical check. 

To be responsible of conducting the daily vehicle check to ensure that vehicles are safe, clean and are sufficiently fuelled. 

To ensure efficient use of NRC vehicles, avoiding single person journeys and unnecessary movements, through careful planning and facilitation of effective communication between staff in need of transportation. 

To be responsible for the reception of the movements/vehicles requests, do the required arrangements, prepare & share the daily/weekly movement plan with all relevant parties.  

Responsible of preparing the Monthly fleet payment sheets, collect & archive the supportive documents. 

To keep accurate records (logbooks) of all car movements including fuel consumption, distances, project allocation and driver names.   

Too continually monitor fuel consumption and distances travelled, and report regularly to the management on the same. 

To perform driver duties when there is shortage of drivers and/or when requested by management 


Competencies are important in order for the employee and the organisation to deliver desired results. They are relevant for all staff and are divided into the following two categories: 

1. Professional competencies  

Valid National Driving License  

Minimum of 1 year of relevant work experience in a busy organization 

Previous experience from working in complex and volatile contexts 

Documented results related to the position’s responsibilities 

Basic English Language level  

2. Behavioural competencies  

Planning and delivering results 

Handling insecure environments 

Communicating with impact and respect 

Managing performance and development 

Kindly note that empty or incomplete applications as well as CVs received via email will not be considered official and will not be processed.