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CaptureAt Safeguard Global, our vision is to forever transform the way people work around the world. We equip businesses, large or small, with the necessary expertise, technology, and service to adapt and thrive on the global market. With over 1600 employees (aka "Guardians") superbly organized across 25 countries, we enable organizations to hire, onboard, manage and pay workers across the globe. Whether it is helping companies become multi-national powerhouses or taking care of payroll for organizations as they grow, over 1300 clients trust us to help them expand to over 165 countries.

This role is a key position within the organization and responsible for the onboarding of GEO workers and clients across the globe. The Customer Service Specialist is responsible for providing world-class customer service to all new clients and their workers, setting the stage for a successful ongoing partnership between the client and Safeguard.

How you will make a difference:

  • Your goal will be to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction with a focus on customer delight while also iterating on and improving customer service techniques
  • You will provide quality support via chat, phone, and email
  • You will be able to quickly identify and troubleshoot any issues in a timely manner, following an incident management process
  • You will be responsible for guiding the new customers through the onboarding process
  • You will administer quality assurance processes including customer satisfaction surveys, KPI’s and transaction scorecards
  • You will help with the onboarding, guidance and training of our new team members

What will give you an advantage:

  • Fluent in verbal and written English 
  • Excellent communication skills and analytical mindset
  • University Degree in Business Administration, Economics, Labor or related field

Why become a Guardian:

  • International Environment: Our teams are borderless. Interact, collaborate, discover cultures, and expand your personal network beyond your country.
  • Our Culture: We are nurturing a workplace where everything you do is in harmony with who you are. Where your ideas will always find their way to our leaders, and your contribution recognized.
  • Autonomy & Flexibility (Work in Any Way): As a fellow Guardian, you will decide when, how and where you work best. We value results, not working hours.
  • Learning: Even though perfection is impossible to reach, we support everyone striving towards it by providing you access to 2 learning platforms. Learn at your own pace, as much and whatever you need.
  • Valuable Experience: Wherever you go, challenges will await you. At Safeguard Global you will find the “right” challenges to hone you into the ultimate professional.

Who we are and what we do:

Safeguard Global is an international company with multiple offices across the globe. We call ourselves Guardians, and there are over 1600 of us in 25 countries.

As a Work in Any Way company ─ which means we let you decide where and how you work ─ we enable over a thousand organizations to hire, onboard, manage and pay employees in over 165 countries.

It's all about the people. First, we hire the best talent from across the globe, thus allowing you to learn about new cultures and interact with many different people worldwide. We also invest in efficient tools and balance a combination of agile technologies, in-depth local market expertise, and excellent service.

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