Consultant on upgrading the Greening Service of EcoVisio


Since 2017 EcoVisio has been offering Greening Services to diverse organisations: from civil society and businesses to governmental agencies. The approach was based on Environmental Mainstreaming. Development of the greening service is supported by IM Swedish Development Partner and The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA). EcoVisio has conducted over 100 trainings, audit visits and coaching sessions with over 30 clients.

We feel that it’s time to reflect on and evolve our work style and strengthen our offer in order to make it more impactful and economically viable. For this purpose we are seeking fresh perspectives from outside the current Greening Department of the organisation. 

Scope of the assignment:

The consultant will work with the Greening Coordinator in order to:

  • Analyze the current approach and methodology practiced by the Greening Department (working packages & tools)
  • Come up with systemic improvements to the approach and methodology in order to make the content stronger 
  • Propose a marketing strategy for the upgraded Greening Service

Consultant will be expected to offer between 5 and 8 workdays with a daily remuneration of 200 EUR (brutto). Depending on the offer of the consultant and the diversity of proposals, EcoVisio reserves the right to sign a contract that will include less or more workdays.

In order to apply for this position the candidates are requested to submit responses to the following questions to the email by February 15, 23:59. 

  1. How do you approach the dilemma of offering a commercial service (paid by clients) that is basically meant to change or restrict client’s consumption and organisational habits?
  2. Imagine you are a head of a medium-sized organisation, how would the Greening Service offer need to look like in order to catch your attention and contract it?

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