UNDP-EU4MD/ National Consultant on providing consultancy and evaluation of financial information presented by grant and financial support beneficiaries

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The EU4Moldova: Focal Regions Programme is looking for a National Consultant to provide financial consultancy support while ensuring adequate financial implementation and use of funds granted under the EU4Moldova: Focal Regions Programme (EU-funded) and assisting the programme team in providing information to external auditors, if the case, and performing other tasks related to finances, if required.

More specifically, the Consultant will:

  1. Analyze relevant documentation from financial point of view;
  2. Provide monthly reports on the reports checked, including observation regarding the status of reports checked and recommendations on their improvement etc. (if the case), submitted to the Programme Manager; 
  3. Support programme team with identifying the most suitable financial mechanisms to ensure effective and adequate use of funds granted under EU4Moldova: Focal Regions Programme, in line with UNDP Finance and Procurement Rules and Regulations;
  4. Assist the Programme team in providing information to auditors, if necessary; 
  5. Perform other tasks related to finances as may be required by Programme Manager.

For detailed information on the application procedure, package to submitted, as well as supporting documents kindly access https://sc.undp.md/jobdetails/2081/

Deadline for submitting applications is 07 September 2020, 16:00 (GMT+2:00).

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