ATIC is looking for an extraordinary Executive Assistant

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Moldovan Association of ICT Companies (ATIC) is the action leading association and the voice of the Moldovan ICT industry that promotes the development of the ICT sector in Republic of Moldova through viable partnerships between companies, similar organizations, government, state institutions and international organizations. The association was established in 2006 to represent the industry on different policy and legislative issues and to facilitate the exchange of best-practices between members.

ATIC is the umbrella for ICT sector by providing a forum in which members can discuss and find solutions to common problems. We believe that uniting in our work for our common interests is the only option today.

Today we are working and competing not just within our own country – globalization erases the borders and one can face competitors from all around the world. Our market is no longer internal and it is hard to cope with all modern challenges being alone. Having just one voice of one company you cannot support your interests neither within Moldova, nor on a global scale.


The main purpose and objective of the Executive Assistant preparing administrative procurement documentation; provide general Human Resource (HR) support; provide administrative support to Executive Director, drafting letters / memos/ minutes of the meetings/ decisions in Romanian and English; reviewing Executive Director correspondence for correctness and completeness; receiving and distributing incoming mail; making telephone calls, receiving visitors and scheduling appointments. Other tasks may include communication with the members, execution of the Executive Director solicitations in relation to members contacting, getting together, etc. The Executive Assistant is expected to also supervise the implementation of some member related activities and events.

The Executive Administrative Assistant is expected to be proactive in defining and conducting her/his responsibilities and will perform numerous, often dissimilar, tasks which have in common the purpose of improving the management and professional output. Experience and knowledge of the ICT sector will be considered a plus.

  • ·        Carry out the assignment as defined in the SOW.
  • ·        Complete the final deliverables in a timely manner as defined below.
  • ·        Conduct all business in a manner that respects local culture.
  • ·        Maintain high ethical standards, avoiding any actual or perceived conflicts of interest.

         Support all aspects of project implementation as needed.


        Procurement of ATIC related activities

  • ·        Supervision and organization of the communication, filing systems, maintain administrative systems, including communication logs, budget trackers, and filing systems, including properly filing and archiving of all administrative contractual, personal, and programmatic documents both electronically and hard copy.
  • ·        Prepare ATIC correspondence and facilitate communication between and among its members.
  • ·        Assist in the preparation of reports and presentation materials, specifically regarding formatting and presentation using the appropriate software.
  • ·        Supervise the implementation of member specific activities and events.
  • ·        Assures that routine support is provided in a highly professional manner, meetings are arranged in a timely fashion, and sufficient office supplies are available.
  • ·        Updates and maintains the databases of the members
  • ·        Facilitates the communication with new potential members
  • ·        Implements activities related to members development
  • ·        Is responsible of content upload on the website, newsletters, social media, proofreading of letters and main communication ATIC related activities coordinated with the Executive Director and communication
  • ·        Supervises the discount program for ATIC members
  • ·        Collects membership applications, analysis and keeps all member records and related documents
  • ·        Is responsible for drafting memos, minutes of the meetings, keeping files, etc
  • ·        Other tasks
  • ·        Contracts
  • ·        Reports
  • ·        Payment plans
  • ·        Suppliers database (updated) or other databases
  • ·        Minutes of meetings, decisions, memos, etc
  • ·        Communication materials
  • ·        Invoicing records
  • ·        Other as determined by the Supervisor

Interested promising candidates are welcome to submit their CVs until August 1, 2020, 18:00 to

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