Moldova Resilience Initiative (MRI) seeks the services of Media Monitoring Contractor

EXPLORE Europe Task Order 

Statement of Work (SOW) 

Moldova Resilience Initiative (MRI) 

Media Monitoring Contractor 


The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) awarded Dexis Consulting Group (Dexis) with the "Exploratory Pilot and Learning Options for Regional Efficiency” (EXPLORE) Europe Task Order. As a part of this Task Order, USAID/OTI established the Moldova Resilience Initiative (MRI), a fast-paced engagement in Moldova that supports the democratic government of Moldova and other key stakeholders. The engagement began in April 2022 and continues for a 12-month period.  

SOW Objective: 

The Moldova Resilience Initiative (MRI) seeks the services of a contractor to monitor the content of media organizations and outlets.  MRI provides support to independent media organizations in Moldova to provide alternatives to disinformation and divisive narratives and ensure that citizens have access to accurate information.  In order to ensure that the media outlets which MRI supports provide accurate and unbiased information and to identify new partners to support, particularly in the digital space, MRI requires ongoing monitoring over the course of six (6) months of a select media outlet in the audiovisual and digital media ecosystem. 

Scope of Work: 

The contractor is expected to perform the following illustrative services, as requested by Dexis: 

  • Monitor up to 3 hours and 25 minutes per day (16 hours weekly) of news programs, political and social talk shows, morning and evening shows on 1 television and radio station as directed by MRI.   
  • Monitor the weekly content of 1 online media website and their associated social media content, and examine/identify the: 
  • Stories/topics covered 
  • Adherence to journalistic standards 
  • Use of hate speech  
  • Disinformation and 
  • Politically aligned narratives   
  • Examine the quantity of content (number of articles, videos, social media posts) and the publicly available reach and engagement of online content (views, likes, comments, etc.) 
  • Review the sentiment of comments users leave on internet and social media content   
  • Pay special attention to specific themes, topics or current events identified in collaboration with MRI (ex. anti-corruption investigations at a local or national level, or narratives about specific stakeholders or individuals) 
  • Work with MRI to develop reporting format 
  • Other services as requested by Dexis 


  • Report every week during the six-month period of the project detailing all findings from monitoring the television and radio station, online websites, and social media content 


 The Media Monitoring contractor will report to the Chief of Party or designee.  

Required Experience and Qualifications: 

  • Minimum of three (3) years of experience working in media monitoring operations 
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills 
  • Ability to manage complexities and openness to change 
  • Fluent in Romanian and Russian 
  • Proficient in English 

Preferred Experience and Qualifications: 

  • Proficient in minority languages (Bulgarian, Gagauz, Romani, Ukrainian)  

Interested candidates are welcome to apply by sending their CV and Cover Letter in English with email to, mentioning in the subject line the title of the position “Media Monitoring Contractor” by 22 August 2022, 11 AM