International Consultant to develop a capacity-building programme: Prevention and protection mechanisms in cases of abuse against LGBT+ children/youth

International Consultant to develop a capacity-building programme: 

Prevention and protection mechanisms in cases of abuse against LGBT+ children/youth


Project title:

“Safer environment for children and youth in Moldova”


Childhood foundation


Republic of Moldova

Type of Contract:     

Individual Consultant

Project duration:

March – April 2022



Working in Moldova since 2004, Terre des hommes (Tdh) is dedicated to ensuring the fulfilment of all children’s fundamental rights and to contributing to the improvement of the Moldovan child protection system. By means of its projects, Tdh Moldova aims for sustainable prevention of and response to violence, neglect and exploitation against children at the community, district and national levels. Tdh Moldova is geographically operating in the entire country. Currently, Tdh’s work in Moldova is built along three complementary axes – Child Protection Systems, Children Affected by Migration and Access to Justice, and seeks to develop synergies between them as well as with other key thematic areas of Terre des hommes Foundation.

Project Background

LGBT+ adolescents are particularly invisible in the Moldovan society - which can already be characterized by a high degree of stigmatization and hatred towards LGBT+ people in general. Young people in their already difficult adolescence go through a difficult path of self-awareness and acceptance, as well as the correlation of this knowledge about themselves with the homophobic, biphobic and transphobic reality in which they live.

LGBT+ adolescents face bullying in schools, where they cannot seek help from school psychologists or social workers for fear that their identity will be revealed, and often teachers themselves are the mouthpieces of homophobia, biphobia and transphobia, repeating stereotypes and prejudices supported in society by  politicians, the church and the media. LGBT+ adolescents find themselves in social isolation, out of fear of bullying and violence, and they often try to hide their identities, for fear of being “outed”, therefore a lot of the times they do not report cases of physical, psychological or sexual violence.


The project aims at addressing the intersectionality of LGBT+ rights and children rights, and at establishing a convergence of LGBT+ and child protection organizations and services.

Child protection agencies and services have an obligation to safeguard children from violence, and LGBT+ children are not an exception. In partnership with GDM, Tdh aims to contribute to mainstreaming a holistic approach, setting the base for appropriate inter-agency protection interventions.

This project will contribute to prevention of abuse against LGBT+ children through empowerment of local organizations, local professionals and knowledge sharing.


Tdh Moldova is looking to find an international expert/consultant who will develop a training program and will provide training to a wide range of professionals, including Child protection professionals, regarding prevention and protection mechanisms in cases of abuse against LGBT+ children/youth .


  • Design the training program, based on findings of the baseline qualitative study on the needs of LGBT+ children, the risks of abuse, and their access to child protection services.
  • Develop the training curricula and training materials regarding prevention and protection mechanisms in cases of abuse against LGBT+ children/youth.
  • Conduct training, to at least 46 participants (2 groups*3 days training) – representatives of NGO, representatives of Child protection system, other relevant professionals entering in contact with children.
  • Provide pre and post-training evaluation and develop a training report.


The candidate(s) should have:

  • Relevant academic education (e.g. human rights, child rights, discrimination, gender equality, etc.)
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in the fields of child protection and/or experience in the fields of LGBT+ rights will be considered an advantage.
  • Strong understanding of gendered norms, cultural practices, attitudes and behaviours that relate to violence, especially violence against LGBT+ adolescents, gender identity and sexual orientation.
  • Proven experience in developing training materials and delivering of trainings in the area of child protection/LGBT+ rights.
  • Knowledge of Moldova context in the child protection field would be a strong asset.


Deliverables and timeframe:

The assignment should be carried out within a period of 3 months (March to May).


Tasks and Activities




Develop training curricula.



Develop training materials and handouts for participants.



Deliver three days face to face training for 46 participants (two groups).



Develop one training report.



The International Consultant will work under the supervision of the project manager of the project “Safer environment for children and youth in Moldova”. Due to the pandemic situation, the work will be partialy performed online and offline,. The Consultant shall also coordinate all activities with the Tdh project designated staff.

Disbursements shall be made only after the endorsements of the submitted deliverables to the project manager and Tdh Programme Manager.

Terre des hommes will require all contracted personnel to abide by its Child Safeguarding Policy and live up to and sign its Code of Conduct.



Interested experts are invited to submit their proposals:

  1. Candidate’s CV.
  2. Technical proposal with short concept of the training program.
  3. Financial offer expressed as a total amount.
  4. Documents/links confirming experience.


The applications will be submitted to:

The applications will be submitted in the English or Romanian language no later than February 15, 2022. Please refer to the position you are applying to in the subject section of the application e-mail.

Please note that only the selected candidates will be contacted. Any application received after the deadline will not be considered.