Request for Quotations No. RFQ-MESA-GUC-2022-002 Activity Title: “Procurement of energy auditing equipment”

Articol adaugat de: Olga Birca


DATE: December 5, 2022

Office of Acquisition Assistance, Washington, D.C. 20523

RFQ ISSUANCE DATE:                                            December 5, 2022

SUBMISSION DEADLINE:                                        December 26, 2022

SUBCONTRACT ISSUANCE DATE:                        O/A January 15, 2023

AUTHORITY:                                                             USAID Contract # 72011722F00002

USAID GEOGRAPHIC CODE:                                  935

COUNTRY:                                                                 Moldova

DESCRIPTION: Request for Quotations No. RFQ-MESA-GUC-2022-002

Activity Title: “Procurement of energy auditing equipment”

PURCHASER:                                                             Tetra Tech ES, Inc.


Tetra Tech is the implementer of the Moldova Energy Security Activity (MESA) which is a 4-year project funded by the United States Agency for International Development. The objective of the Moldova Energy Security Activity (MESA) is to strengthen Moldova’s energy security by: (1) advancing physical and market integration of the Moldovan energy sector with Europe; (2) increasing renewable energy integration; and (3) increasing investment in energy efficiency and domestic power generation, particularly through increased adoption of renewable energy technologies.

Within this context, MESA intends to procure equipment for the Technical University of Moldova and for the Energy Efficiency Agency replace old or non-operational equipment to increase the quality of energy audits on the local market. The equipment will be used for initial data collection, measurement of buildings dimensions, construction volumes, weak parts of the building from thermal and electrical point of views, illuminance level, quality of interior microclimate and other.

The detailed RFQ can be found by following the link:

All offers must be submitted no later than December 26, 2022 at 14:00 Chisinau Time.

Email subject should reference the RFQ number and should include complete contact information.