Dexis Consulting Group Request for Quotation for Event Management Services

Dexis Consulting Group (Dexis) invites your firm to participate in this competitive solicitation (request for quotations) for pricing, delivery, and terms of potential event management services.


MRI seeks to establish a BPA for event management services provided by local firms in Moldova in support of the program and/or its beneficiaries. MRI requires support in organizing various events, inclusive of coordination, logistics, communications, and procurement for events within and outside of Chisinau.

Scope of Work (SOW):

To strengthen program implementation, Dexis will release an RFQ and conduct its internal selection process to source qualified event management service providers. The winning service provider(s) will:

  1. PRIOR TO EVENTS: Provide aspects of event coordination to adequately prepare for small-scale or large events, both in and outside of Chisinau that may be inclusive of:
    • Conducting market research of event locations
    • Securing reservations/accommodation arrangements
    • Securing reservations of venue locations, including leading communications with venue personnel, both indoor and outdoor
    • Securing catering for coffee breaks, lunches, and/or dinners
    • Securing translation services, including simultaneous translation (verbal) and written translation
    • Renting necessary equipment according to the specifications of the event
    • Communicating with event participants, such as issuing event invitations
    • Transporting or otherwise coordinating event material, such as pamphlets, folders, name tags, branded pens, etc.
    • Transporting or otherwise coordinating event material, such as banners or other decorative material
  2. DURING EVENTS: Providing event support services during small-scale or large events, both in and outside of Chisinau that may be inclusive of:
    • Seating arrangements
    • Setting up banners or other decorative material
    • Arranging name tags, registration desks, and distributing event material
    • Reimbursing travel costs
    • Setting up catering throughout events
    • Providing moderator services, such as an MC
    • Coordinating photography/videography during events
  3. AFTER EVENTS: Providing event support services upon conclusion of small-scale or large events, both in and outside of Chisinau that may be inclusive of:
    • Collecting feedback, reporting, or other material from event participants
    • Compiling photography/videography of events for submission
    • Compilation of accurate participants lists
    • Ensuring clean-up after events according to the needs and requirements of event locations or otherwise ensuring decreasing environmental impact of events

Tasks & Responsibilities:

The following are illustrative tasks and responsibilities that may be activated through a Task Order (TO) under this BPA: 


On the basis of consultation and approval by the Dexis technical procurement lead, the selected entity will be responsible for ensuring appropriate organizational and logistical support for event management as requested and in accordance with the description of services.

It is expected that the selected entity will develop the following products:

  • Workplan: Detailed workplan and timelines of how the tasks in the SOW will be delivered; flexibility in revising the workplan, as needed and as plans are adjusted.
  • Online/Hybrid events: Fully licensed access to the online platform chosen for running online events which may include various features as listed in the SOW.
  • List of participants and audio and video records of the event: Recordings of any virtual conferences for further online posting and, upon request, the audio transcription in English.

Reporting and Invoicing:

The contractor will report to Jennifer Divis (, MRI Chief of Party or to the Dexis Technical Representative as stipulated in the BPA.

The contractor will record and invoice accordingly:

  • The original invoices will be submitted with line-item breakdowns of provided services
  • The participants lists will be included during invoice submission

Required Experience and Qualifications:

Minimum Requirements:  

  • At least 4 years of experience in event management, including virtual and hybrid events, for government function and/or international and non-government organizations;
  • Proven track record of a minimum of 3 large-scale events organized in the past 3 years, including a brief description of relevant past performance with copies of contracts in support of reference checks;
  • Human resources and financial capacity to cover event costs to secure event coordination. Please note that Dexis’ payment to the contractor will be made after service provision;
  • Fluency in Romanian and Russian and functionality in English for staff leading service delivery

Specific Requirements and RFQ can be downloaded from here: RFQ_04

Submission Instructions

Bids must be received via email by July 28, 2022; 17:00 GMT+3. Offerors are to submit bids, including a separate Annex 1 with services able to be provided and estimated fees (10 MB limit per email).

Offers must be on company letterheads with the company’s contact name and address and/or IC details. The subject line of the offer transmission email must identify the RFQ reference number (22-RFQ-04) and the Offeror’s name.