Extended deadline: Donau Soja is requesting provision of services for updating the Donau Soja Best Practices Manual for organic soya cultivation

Date of issuing ToR: 20th of May 2019

Deadline for submission of the offers: 14th of June 2019

  1. Background and introduction:

In April 2018, the EU funded Project : “Increasing the competitiveness of the agri-food sector through integration to domestic and global value chains in particular in the soya sector” started. The three years (April 2018- April 2021) project is implemented by Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) in partnership with Donau Soja Organisation and Moldovan NGO Pro Didactica. 

The project has focus on the following four components:

Component 1: Enhancing capacities for innovation and education in agriculture in Moldova

Component 2: Increasing access to market and advancing the demand for certified and organic agri-food products on national and foreign markets. 

Component 3: Use of standards and certification to raise the performance of value chains 

Component 4: Promoting an enabling environment for ensuring quality standards in the agri-food sector (including organic agriculture and products) and alignment of Moldova’s legal framework and policy documents to EU quality standards.

Successful implementation of the foreseen activities and quality assurance throughout the project implementation are one of the priorities for implementation. In this respect, social and environmental standards and safeguards as well as gender equality will be considered. The project will directly and indirectly contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially SDG 1, 2, 4, 8, 9, 12, 13 and 15.

The direct project beneficiaries consist of approximately 300 soya producers, 4 collectors, 15 feed and food producers, the Moldovan Centre of Excellence in Horticulture and Agricultural Technologies as well as 6 VET institutions. Additionally, 550 employees from all value chain actors, 150 teachers from all involved schools and 150 students will gain direct benefits from the project.

The activities are implemented through management of a grant agreement and entail procurement of goods, works and services. 

These terms of reference have been prepared by consortium partner Donau Soja Organisation.

Donau Soja is an independent, international, non-profit, multi-stakeholder organisation aiming to effectively meet protein market demand and to provide a baseline for the development of a high-quality soy cultivation in the Danube region (www.donausoja.org). The Organisation seat is in Vienna, Austria. 

For further development and implementation of above-mentioned Project, Donau Soja Organisation has registered Public Association Representative Office in the Republic of Moldova of   VEREIN DONAU SOJA Association from Austria (DS Representative office in Moldova).

  1. Objective:

The service provider is engaged to contribute directly to the fulfilment of the Donau Soja project Indicators.

Relatively low productivity of soy crops is a fundamental challenge to be overcome by this project. The project needs to gather the best available practices and ensure easy transfer of these practices to producers. It is proposed to adjust the existing Best Practices Manual on organic soya cultivation to the Moldovan conditions,  and any new technological innovations for sustainable organic soya cultivation in order to have a practical tool for knowledge transfer to the Moldovan organic soya producers.

The service provider will work closely with Expert in Agro, R&D and Innovation and two Agronomists so as to get relevant practical data and use pictures from the field in different vegetation periods to demonstrate the Moldovan experience.

The Content of the BPM on organic soya cultivation shall be agreed and finalized together with the DS Expert in Agro, R&D and Innovation.

The provider is expected to do the following tasks:

  • to adapt the BPM on organic soya cultivation before 01 September 2019,
  • to provide the presentation of it to farmers at best practices dissemination event in October/ November 2019.
  1. Time schedule and organisation

It is estimated that consultant will be involved from June to October on average 4 days/month up to 32 days in total.

The assignment will last till 31 December 2019. 

The assignment is short term, and the services shall be provided based on operational plan mutually agreed between expert and Donau Soja Moldova Agro, R&D Project Coordinator.    

  1. Requirements/ key qualification

The following qualifications and experiences are required:

  • Academic study with Master’s degree in agriculture, Sustainability or related;
  • Minimum 6 years’ experience in agriculture or sustainability management in agriculture;
  • Experience in organic soya cultivation, soya sustainability issues,
  • Demonstration of social standards, gender, diversity, and environmental competencies.
  1. The evaluation will be done based on following criteria:

Letter of motivation of service provider

Qualification and skills (from CV)

  1. Reporting
  • The service provider will report directly to the Donau Soja Moldova Project Coordinator on Agro, R&D and Innovation.
  • Close cooperation is required with Donau Soja Moldova Director, Mr. Viorel Gherciu.
  • Close cooperation (and guidance) with the Donau Soja Project Team in Chisinau and Donau Soja Team international in general, as well as other national and international experts is required.
  • The service provider is expected to keep record of his/her time tracking and do reporting according to project requirements.
  1. Payment
  • Payments will be done based on issued invoices.
  • The fees will be paid based on services provided according to the scheduled specified in the Operational Plan.
  • Travel costs and other cost can be paid directly by the contractor or by the service provider - against proof of evidence - (incl. written confirmation of contractor, invoices for transportation, etc


  1. Documents to be provided

Please submit your application to moldova@donausoja.org  by 14.06.2019, indicating “Update of BPM for organic soya cultivation” in the subject, with the following documents:

Letter of motivation

Curriculum vitae 

Reference list

  1. Additional notes:

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and invited.

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