Request for Proposals: Legal Services, CNFA Moldova

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CNFA is a non-profit international development organization based in Washington D.C. which currently implements the Farmer-to-Farmer project in Moldova. As a part of project start-up activities, CNFA is seeking the services of local legal counsel to provide guidance pertaining to local labor law, registration requirements, tax exemption, and similar operational tasks. 

Offerors are responsible for ensuring that their offers are received by CNFA in accordance with the instructions, terms, and conditions described in this RFP. Failure to adhere with instructions described in this RFP may lead to disqualification of an offer from consideration. 

Scope of Work: CNFA requires the services of local legal counsel to advise the organization in setting up operations in Moldova including registration, guidance on the labor law, review of labor contracts, review of policy manuals, and guidance on tax exemption requirements. 

Period of Performance:  November 20, 2018 through February 20, 2019.   Note that upon excellent performance, a contract for general legal services may be extended for the duration of the five-year project (2018-2023). 

Tasks: The selected offeror will provide the following services through in-person meetings in Moldova, phone calls, and in writing as requested by CNFA:

  • Advise on tax exemption requirements, if applicable, for international non-profit organizations. 
  • Provide an overview of key requirements of the labor law for long term employees and consultants such as labor categories, severance, leave policies, 13thmonth bonuses, probation and termination procedures, salary increases, other fringe benefits (required vs. industry norms), etc. 
  • Review CNFA’s long term employment agreement and consultant agreement and provide recommendations to ensure compliance with local labor laws and customs. 
  • Review CNFA’s employee policy manual and provide recommendations, to ensure compliance with local labor laws and customs.
  • Other tasks as requested and assigned by CNFA.

Instructions to Offerors

(Please download the full text of this RFP from the following link:

Offer Deadline and Protocol: Offers must be received no later than November 20, 17:00 Moldova time. Offers must be submitted by emailing the offer to Jerrel Gilliam,

Please reference the RFP number in any response to this RFP. Offers received after the specified time and date will be considered late and will be considered only at the discretion of CNFA. The cover page of this solicitation summarizes the important dates of the solicitation process. Offerors must strictly follow the provided deadlines to be considered for award. 

Evaluation and Award: The award will be made to a responsible offeror whose offer follows the RFP instructions, meets the eligibility requirements, and meets or exceeds the minimum required technical specifications, and is determined via a trade-off analysis to be the best value based on application of the below evaluation criteria. Best value determination will consider both technical and financial proposals, i.e., the best approach and anticipated results in combination with a reasonable cost. Proposed costs must reflect and clearly match the degree of sophistication of the technical approach.

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