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Center for Health Policies and Studies (PAS Center) is implementing the “Strengthening HIV Control in Moldova” and “Strengthening TB Control in Moldova” projects financed by Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and intends to apply the proceeds of this project to eligible payments under the contracts for procurement of the following IT equipment:

No Name of product



  1. 1.       
Server 1
  1. 2.       
PC Desktop (international brand name) 2
  1. 3.       
Notebook 1
  1. 4.       
Notebook 1
  1. 5.       
Mono Laser All-in-One Unit 1
  1. 6.       
Projector 2
  1. 7.       
Fax 2
  1. 8.       
Projector screen tripod 1
  1. 9.       
Router 1
  1. 10.  
  1. 11.  
Portable Hard Disk 1

 Information on Technical Specification can be found at PAS Center web page: www.pas.md  chapter ”Anunțuri”


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