International Architecture Workshop for students

Development Policy Foundation and Ecological Movement Stefan Voda are looking for architecture student for free one-week La Nihalcea Workshop, which will take place in Olanesti, Stefan Voda.

 Who we are looking for? Architecture student. If you study bio-enginery or other type of enginery, and you are interested, contact us! Due to the international character of the workshop, you will need to be able to communicate in English. 

Where? Olanesti, near to Purcari, Stefan Voda Region, Moldova

When? 31.03-07.04.2019

Who is organizing it?: +48 Project Group, Development Policy Foundation, Ecological Movement Stefan Voda, Viniaria EtCetera 

What do we provide? 

  • Participation in international workshop with assistance of one of the best architecture groups in Poland
  • Transport to Olanesti and back to Chisinau
  • Accommodation and board in luxury Viniaria EtCetera, Crocmaz.


What is La Nihalcea Workshop

The sustainable water management in cross-border area Moldova-Ukraine is the priority theme of architecture workshop La Nihalcea 2019, organized in the framework of international SoEas+y workshops.

La Nihalcea is the system of interlinked flow artificial ponds, situated in one of the most valuable European natural regions, in Low Niestru river. It creates the system of old river beds, marshes, riparian meadows at the boundary of grassland steppes composing a unique biotope. It is area of the most important birds migration corridors, both for birds in their intercontinental migration and small birds that feed with seed and fruits. The Nihalcea’s shores are surrounded both by wild orchards and (included almond shrubs) and ‘’forest’’ – bushes composed by wild roses, sloes, rowanberries, cornelian cherry. 

The area is also an important zone of human activity. The fast-growing vine and bike tourism of Purcari region (look: : www.bikeandwine.md and FB: culinaryroutes) places new demands regarding creation of sustainable and active tourism offer. The ponds, used in the past for agricultural and recreational purpose, today require rehabilitation: shores protection, elevation of water level, protection from erosion. They also require valorization and inclusion of local communities in active water and biotopes protection. It is a part of requirements  imposed to Moldova and Ukraine by Contracts of Association with UE.

In this regard, Development Policy Foundation and Ecological Movement Stefan Voda invited to cooperation architects from +48 Project Group. In the framework of proven methods that engaged local communities (SoEas+y), the architects will create installation related to development and surface water use and protection.

The workshops uses the method of fast intervention. Installation is created in real time, built with architecture students and local society. This process contributes to the feeling of ownership within local communities. It is a spectacular example of effectiveness, it promotes good quality innovative architecture and contributes to local authorities engagement. The workshop itself gives a space for discussion over creative process, local democracy, nature and European values. 

Ecology and sustainable development is included in SoEas+y workshops for the first time. The previous interventions in Ukraine related to the theme of social convergence and participation in public space creation by marginalized groups (elders in Ukraine: workshops GopriPlus in Hola Prystan, LazamiKalaki in degenerated suburbs in Tbilisi, Georgia, and integration of mental disabled persons in Temi, Georgia. 

The La Nihalcea Workshop is consistent with Development Policy Foundation activity in cross-border macro-region in the South of Ukraine and Moldova, as well as with statutory activity in  Eastern Partnership countries. 


Send us your CV and your designs (if you have any) to jhumka.fpr@gmail.com until March 11, 2019.

The project is financed with by VisegradFund and Central European Initative. 

More info:




Wojciech Szpociński (EuroAqua project): +48 501 506 042

Joanna Humka (organizational matters): 514 308 461

Karol Szparkowski (architecture workshop): 501564640

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