Czech Development Agency and People in Need Moldova announce a Selection of a Manure Spreader under the Project "Development of sustainable organic agriculture in Moldova".

People in Need (PIN) is a Czech non-governmental organization that provides relief aid and development assistance while working to defend human rights and democratic freedom. It is one of the largest relief and development organizations in post-communist Europe and has administered projects in 37 countries over the past 20 years. People in Need has been working in Moldova since 2003, implementing projects in the field of economic development, civil society, and youth development and education. Organic agriculture is one of the economic development programs of intervention and this sector is supported by providing knowledge and know-how transfer to farmers interested in organic agriculture; promoting the demand of organic products on domestic markets and encourage exports of organic products.  

Organic agriculture in Moldova has been supported by foreign projects since 2012. Up to now, the priorities of the main actor (PIN) have been: private farmers, creating business linkages between the farmers and buyers (domestic and export), encouraging farmers to unify their activities through coalitions and associations, bringing foreign innovation but also training Moldovan experts and consultants, educating the public and lobbying for changes at the government level.

Project Objectives

This project is building on the past experience of People In Need (PIN), a leading non-profit agency in the Moldovan sector of organic agriculture. The project focuses on capacity building of three farmer/consumer organisations, will support know-how of available experts employed with the private sector and will further work on public awareness regarding the organic sector. In this last priority, the project will continue creating linkages between organic farmers and buyers.

One of the project’s achievement is establishment of the first cooperative of organic farmers “ECOFARM”. The project aims to increase their capacities and scope of activities, and to build broader linkages with multiple farmers. Their institutional development will empower self-sustainability and viability of their business model.

Assignment information

The result of this selection is aimed to procure the manure spreader for the newly created organic farmers cooperative. A manure spreader or muck spreader is an agricultural machine used to distribute manure over a field as a fertilizer. A typical (modern) manure spreader consists of a trailer towed behind a tractor with a rotating mechanism driven by the tractor's power take off (PTO).

It will help to enrich the technological equipment for composting process. Compost turner has a role in preparing the high-quality compost, at the same time in order to spread it uniformly in the field a manure spreader is needed. It will assure a better incorporation in the soil and an increase of the soil fertility. It will help cooperative members to increase the quality of the soil on their fields, to improve the quality of the plants and to increase the yield that will generate profit for each member of the cooperative and for the cooperative as a whole.  

Specifications: load capacity (volume) between 6 and 8,5 tonnes; Traction motor capacity- up to 90 horse power; The length of spreading between 4 and 8 meters.




Develop a financial offer for the manure spreader

The offer should include all the technical specification of the equipment (based on requirements specified above), information about the warranty and transportation of the equipment to the farm; estimated price with 0 VAT.


Indicative schedule of activities

The equipment is expected to be transported to the farm, before December 19, 2019.

Commercial offers should be submitted by email to by 9am (Republic of Moldova time) on December the 10th, 2019, with Ref.: ‘Financial offer for the Manure Spreader’ in the subject line.

!!! NOTE: All the documents should be presented in English!!!


The transportation costs for the equipment to the farm will be included into the financial offer.

Selection of supplier process and selection criteria

The supplier should meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Proven experience in the techno-agricultural field.
  • To be a local distributor/dealer of the agro-tech company.
  • Previous work experience with local and foreign NGOs and donors.

The Selection Criteria of the Offeror will be as follows:

  • The best offered price (40%)
  • The best technical specifications (60%).

The Offer will include:

  • Financial offer
  • Annexes with manual or broader description of the equipment
  • Pictures of the equipment.

Payment modalities

Maximum budget available for the equipment, transportation and all connected costs is 17000 EUR.




Following the signing of the Contract on supply services


After the transportation of the equipment to the field and warranty check.

PIN reserves the right to deduct up to 0.5% of the total contract price for each day's delay in meeting the deliverables specified. This deduction shall be applied to the last payment of 80% of the contract price.

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