Consultancy opportunities EBRD funded project:

Consultancy opportunities EBRD funded project:

Reform Support Teams, Technical Assistance to the Government of Moldova in advancing Infrastructure Reforms


  1. Objective and Scope of the project


In response to a request from the Government of Moldova, the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development has launched a pilot project to support the government’s reform capability with the establishment of targeted Reform Support Teams (RSTs) in key government ministries. The RSTs will initially be piloted in the State Chancellery and Prime-Minister’s office (SC), Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Ministry of Energy, Public Property Agency (PPA).

The experts (the “Consultants”) will be embedded for an initial period of 36 months, with a view to potentially integrating their roles into the administration in the longer term as part of wider Public Administration Reform efforts. The experts will provide strategic advisory and implementation support on energy sector and SOE reform projects, including successful implementation of conditions for EBRD loan disbursements.

  1. Available Positions

The RSTs will comprise of RST experts embedded in the State Chancellery, APP, MDED, Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development and focusing on energy sector (heating, electricity, gas, energy efficiency/Renewables) and transport sector (railways, roads, ports, financial modelling). The Experts will provide policy advice and implementation support to the Government on the implementation of key energy and transport sector reforms and support at securing the achievement of the Government Energy Action Plan.

A team of experts will be embedded into the Public Property Agency (PPA) with the objective to support the Government to prioritise, develop, adopt and implement its reforms in the state property management sector concerning state-owned assets and enterprises, as identified in the National Development strategy “Moldova 2030”.


Open positions and due date for applications:



Closing date


PR 008793

Expert in Deregulation/ Business Development to the State Chancellery



PR 008794

Senior Expert – (Public Property, Privatization and SOE Reform) to the State Chancellery  



PR 008850

Senior Legal Expert, Agency of Public property



PR 008851

IT expert – Agency of Public property



PR 008852

Senior Procurement expert, Agency of Public property



PR 008856

Senior Legal Expert, Agency of Public property



PR 008857

Procurement expert, Agency of Public property



PR 010177

Senior Economic expert, Investment and Export Related Support MDED



PR 010179

Junior Economic expert, Investment and Export Related Support MDED



RST support to SoE sector reforms, due date for applications: Link to positions:

  1. Submissions Details and Instructions:


Interested individual consultants must submit the CVs to demonstrate their qualifications following the guidance as below.

  1. The full details of the assignment, Terms of Reference, contract template are included in the procurement dossier, which can be accessed by registered Consultants on the at EBRDs recruitment portal SMART by GEP -

  1. To register please use the link to the EBRD’s SMART Primary Registration Form (
  1. Once registered, please access the recruitment portal EBRD | Public Bid Site (, Login (upper right corner of the screen) and search for job reference number of the relevant procurement notice g. ### Expert, PR 0088****, thereafter download the Terms of Reference, and contract template and follow the instructions to submit your application, which should consist of: Qualification Questionnaire, Technical Proposal (CV) and Financial Proposal.
  1. Additional details and procurement guidance can be accessed at:



To view further details of this event, the RFX documents or submit a proposal, please log in to EBRD’s SMART website.

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