Project Manager, A.O. "Concordia. Proiecte Sociale", Full-time (40h/week)

A.O. ''CONCORDIA. Proiecte Sociale'' is looking for a project manager in the area of institutional fundraising in the Republic of Moldova (in Chișinău).

For more details please visit the following link: projects manager.

We are waiting for your CV and cover letter (in Romanian or English) until 9 June 2023 to become a member of the great CONCORDIA team!

A.O. ''CONCORDIA. Proiecte Sociale'' is an international NGO intervening for the support and social, family, school and professional (re)integration of children, young people, elderly, families in need and for their orientation towards an independent and autonomous life. CONCORDIA is currently working in 7 countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Kosovo, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Switzerland).


Articol adaugat de: Vadim Tarna