Project Coordinator: "Construction of Balti and Cahul Regional Hospitals" Project

Project Coordinator: Construction of Balti and Cahul Regional Hospitals Project


Construction of the Balti and Cahul Regional Hospitals Project

Assignment Title: Project Coordinator

The Government of the Republic of Moldova initiated the modernization of the public healthcare system in the country, focusing on building health infrastructure, endowment of health facilities with modern medical devices and reorganization of healthcare services. One of the projects aimed at achieving these goals envisages construction of the Balti Regional Hospital, to be financed by Council of Europe Development Bank (hereinafter referred to as CEB), and of the Cahul Regional Hospital, to be financed by European Investment Bank (hereinafter referred to as EIB).  

Ministry of Health (hereinafter referred to as MoH) is the central public authority entrusted to implement the Project’s activities. MoH undertakes to establish a Project Implementation Unit (PIU) with dedicated Consultants, to whom it will delegate the day-to-day management of the Project.

Objective of the assignment: to ensure the implementation of the Construction of Balti and Cahul Regional Hospitals Project according to the proposed timeframe and in line with relevant national laws.

The Consultant will fulfill the following tasks:

  • Assist the MoH in day-to-day management and coordination of project activities with relevant bodies;
  • Ensure overall coordination, negotiation, and management of all contractors;
  • Cooperate with Working Group and ensure their inputs;
  • Coordinate the activity of International and National Consultants;
  • Manage the timely delivery of project outputs;
  • Participate in the selection of contractors;
  • Prepare Project Progress Reports;
  • Etc.

Consultant selection criteria:

The following requirements are set up for the Project Coordinator, who will be responsible for the above-mentioned activities:

  • Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering/Project Management/Construction Management/Architecture/Building Economics/ Quantity Surveying/ Construction Technology;
  • Must have served in a similar capacity in the design review and implementation of two (2) projects of comparable profile and complexity in the last eight (8) years;
  • At least 5 years of cumulative managerial experience in supervision of donor funded projects or similar nature projects, ideally healthcare facilities;
  • Good working knowledge of architectural, value engineering, construction practices;
  • Good understanding of national legal framework in construction and public procurement and familiarity with International Building Code, demonstrated by attended training and educational courses on the subject as well as practical experience.

The consultant will work full-time, Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 17:00 for a total of 5 days per week.

An EoI shall include: 1)  a resume, and 2) a cover letter with work undertaken that best illustrates capability to handle the tasks assigned.

Deadline for submitting the EoI is March 11, at 17:00 (local time), via email to, with the assignment title indicated in the subject line.