CRS/Caritas Romania Programming Internship


The multi-pronged attack on Ukraine by the Russian Federation forces beginning in February 2022 has displaced more than 10 million individuals from their homes, with more than 4.7 million having fled Ukraine.[1] As of April 20, Romania has received more than 750,000 refugees, with approximately 88 percent have transited to another country and 12 percent remaining within Romania (85,000 individuals). During the week of April 18, between 7,000 and 9,000 refugees entered Romania each day.

Catholic Relief Service (CRS) is currently supporting Caritas Romania and diocese-level partners across Romania to provide critical assistance to Ukrainian refugees. At present, Caritas partners are providing short-term accommodation support for refugees at 17 facilities across the country, as well as access to food and non-food items and transportation support within the country. In the coming months, Caritas partners, with support from CRS, will expand their assistance to include provision of medium-term accommodation assistance, cash assistance, and access to social service support, through the opening of five social service centers in priority cities across the country. Activities are funded by a Caritas Romania Emergency Appeal, approved in March 2022, and CRS private funds. Major locations of activity implementation are Iasi, Bucharest, Satu Mare, and Baia Mare. In the months to come, Caritas may add activities in additional locations where Caritas partners are present.

Interested candidates are welcome to apply by sending their CV with email to mentioning in the subject line the title of the position “Internship Program”.


Support the successful implementation of activities by CRS and Caritas partners in Romania


Activities will include, but may not be limited to the following:

  • Translate documents into Romanian language and Russian language if/as needed
  • Support training of Caritas staff and volunteers on key topics, such as protection and safeguarding and using monitoring, evaluation, accountability, and learning (MEAL) forms and systems
  • Support registration of beneficiaries for assistance
  • Assist beneficiaries to resolve problems they experience with assistance provided by CRS
  • Support post-distribution monitoring (PDM) data collection
  • Conduct spot checks and other forms of monitoring of project activities and finance or other operational documents
  • Support planning of missions by CRS technical staff to Romania and accompany technical staff as needed

Location of mission

The mission will require extensive travel within Romania to locations that include, but are not limited to, Iasi, Satu Mare, Baia Mare, Bucharest, and Oradea.

Timing (tentative): May 15 - Sep. 30, 2022