Qualified evaluators to conduct a final project evaluation of the Child Protection Hub for Southeast Europe

Terre des hommes is seeking qualified evaluators to conduct a final project evaluation on the ChildHub project’s second phase (2018-2021) in Moldova and Kosovo.

In line with ADA`s Evaluation Policy and Guidelines for Programme and Project Evaluations as well as Tdh’s Minimum Requirements for Monitoring and Evaluation, all multi-country and multi-year projects, such as ChildHub, must undergo anexternal final evaluation at the end of the project.

The scope of the final evaluation is as follows:

  • Level of analysis: ChildHub as a project in Phase 2 (only)
  • Period: Phase 2 – 2018-2021
  • Geographic level: Kosovo and Moldova

As time and budget do not allow to cover ChildHub’s all eight implementation countries by the final evaluation, these two countries have been selected for the evaluation because of their specific context and challenges and in case of which the responses to the evaluation questions will be particularly important.

  • Types of stakeholders to engage: regional and country-level project management team members, selection of country-level resource people, selection of target beneficiary professionals
  • Language of communication: English

Deadline for applications: October 20, 2021

ToR and conditions of application are under this link.