EcoContact: Site Supervision Expert



Position: Site supervision expert

Project: Enhancing climate resilience in the Biosphere Reserve "Prutul de Jos"

Project number: 8360-00/2019

Donor: Austrian Development Cooperation

Reporting to: EcoContact, Project Manager

Post type: Individual service contract

Estimated implementation period of assignment: October 2021 – October 2022

Working languages: Romanian/ Russian/English


Organizational Context 


The project “Enhancing climate resilience in the Biosphere Reserve "Prutul de Jos" supported by the Austrian Development Cooperation, aims to support national and local authorities in implementing the Law on the establishment of the Biosphere Reserve "Prutul de Jos" no.132 of 13.07.2018 that entered into force on 24.08.2018. Within the project, the assistance will be provided to central authorities and particularly to local actors from 10 mayoralties with the purpose to enhance climate resilience; support the implementation of pilot measures on adaptation to climate change,  which will be identified in the course of the project; and to learn how to contribute to the preservation of the ecosystem. The project will be implemented in the Lower Prut area, which is located in the Southern part of the Republic of Moldova and includes the Prut River and naturally flooded lakes. A wetland that stretches along the Prut River covers a mosaic of water ecosystems, meadows, and forests. The territory (more than 14,771 ha) is part of the Cahul district and the communities of Brînza, Cîşliţa-Prut, Colibaşi, Crihana Veche, Giurgiuleşti, Manta, Slobozia Mare, Vadul lui Isac and Văleni.

The intended Impact of the project is: The Natural Protected Area Biosphere reserve “Prutul de Jos” is managed sustainably taking into account climate change impacts and delivers ecosystem services for local communities.

The project's expected outcome is: Climate resilience of the Natural Protected Area Biosphere reserve “Prutul de Jos” is enhanced and communities and local authorities have increased their capacities for climate change adaptation.

Expected Outputs of the project:

Output 1: Climate change risks identified, recommendations elaborated and priority adaptation measures implemented in a participatory manner within the Biosphere reserve “Prutul de Jos” area;

Output 2: The information and awareness about the value of the protected area and its ecosystem services as well as climate change impacts are increased;

Output 3: Capacities of local and national level actors (women and men) on climate resilience and effective management of the Natural Protected Area Biosphere reserve “Prutul de Jos” are strengthened;

Output 4: The institutional and regulatory framework for integrated management of the Biosphere reserve “Prutul de Jos” and the Sub-Basin Frumoasa-Crihana River is strengthened in a participatory manner.

The objective and tasks of the assignment:

The main objective is to support the implementation team and selected communities from the  Biosphere reserve “Prutul de Jos” (5-8 communities will be selected for pilot projects) to ensure quality technical assistance in implementation of the selected pilot projects. This include support in technical evaluation, preparation of small infrastructure projects for investments, contracting and implementation of projects in compliance with national building codes, up to date national technical standards thus ensuring cost effective capital investment and efficient use of resources. On the pre-contractual phase for the implementation team requires the implication of the Consultant on the best applicable solutions and will come with a set of recommendations for each community.

The Consultant is expected to closely monitor the progress of works and supervise small scale infrastructure sites and civil works in the selected communities in accordance with the contract requirements and existing construction standards in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova. The consultant will also support the communities in the process of accepting the final work.

Key activiites and expected outputs

The main roles of the technical consultant is to assist grant scheme beneficiaries in:

  • evaluation of the technical aspects of proposed small scale infrastructure and civil work
  • support in the tendering procedures and selection of the subcontractors
  • ensure on-site supervision of construction works, monitoring the progress of works (parts that refer to the construction works), advise on the necessary legal procedures to be followed and the timing in the implementaiton oft he ilot projects;
  • supporting the beneficiaries to ensure completeness of site documentation on execution of works and timely confirm reception and payment of works.

The technical consultant will permanently monitor that in each community all required information, documentation, authorizations and permits are timely obtained and recorded, during the whole cycle of project implementation and execution of the subject works.

Management arrangements

The expert will be working in close cooperation with EcoContact’s project manager, under the leadership of the Lead expert for mainstreaming, and experts’ team working for the other assignments. All deliverables should be approved by EcoContact.






Deliverables and timeline for the implementation of the assignment


Deliverable 1: Reporting on the launching of the pilot projects in each community

  • Get familiarized with pilot projects and demanded civil works;
  • Conduct field visit to each community (to join several communities in one day). During this day technical consultant assesses: project’s technical feasibility and sustainability, cost efficiency; ecological compatibility; and accuracy of presented costs and budget;
  • Support the formulation of the tenders for the implementation of works: formulation, launching and participation int eh selection process.
  • Community’s capacity to organize daily supervision of site and ensure high quality works;
  • Prepare a short report that contain the summary of the visits, recommendations for the community and next steps of work with these communities.


Deliverables 2,3,4: Quarterly reporting on the implementation of the civil works


  • Continuously monitor and provide technical assistance to each community implementing pilot projects.
  • Monitor and supervise the execution of works in the field and verify the volumes and quality of construction works performed by the contracted companies.
  • Ensure that the works’ performance documentation is fully completed, during the construction phase.
  • Collaborate with the Local Supervisors - engineers assigned as by the communities for daily supervision of works, in order to identify and solve various issues appeared on the construction site (if applicable).
  • Collect works performance reports and verify their conformity.
  • Monitor and ensure that the works completion schedules and timeframes are respected by the contracted companies.
  • Regularly report to Project manager, on the progress of works on the sites.
  • Timely inform about any arising issues, risks in the process of implementation.
  • Ensure the works are performed in compliance with the national legislation and applicable standards in construction.



Due time

and % of contract to be paid


Deliverable 1: Reporting on the launching of the pilot projects in each community

December 15, 2021

30 %

Deliverable 2: Quarter report on the implementation of the civil works

April 15, 2022


Deliverable 3: Quarter report on the implementation of the civil works

July 15, 2022


Deliverable 4: Quarter report on the implementation of the civil works

October 15, 2022


Report for the implementation of the assignment, including the proposed next steps for the project to continue with.

October 30, 2022



  • Education: University Degree in civil engineering, heat energy, water, sanitation or architecture, and/or other relevant area;
  • Work experience: at least 10 years of work experience in the field of civil engineering;
  • Extensive experience in monitoring/supervision/supporting small-scale infrastructure and civil works, preferably buildings renovation, heating and water and sanitation networks;
  • In depth knowledge of national legislation pertaining to the construction works;
  • Experience within community development programs is an asset;
  • Language skills: excellent command of written and spoken Romanian and Russian is required; knowledge of English is an asset;
  • Computer proficiency, including knowledge of MS Office products (Word, Excel, Power Point);
  • High level of responsibility and organization capacities, creative approach to solving issues;
  • Excellent communication and reporting skills;
  • Ability to meet deadlines and prioritize multiple tasks;
  • Excellent knowledge of Romanian and Russian;
  • Capacity to communicate fluently with different stakeholders (civil society, government authorities, local communities, project staff);

 How to apply:

Bidders must submit the following documents:

  1. The CV of the expert: The CV of the expert should reflect the relevant experience in the area of assignment, and at least three references of the previous documents elaborated.
  1. Financial offer for the implementation of the assignment including travel costs.

Please send the documents with the indication of Site supervision expert before 18 September 2021 to the email address of

For detailed information, please contact Ecaterina Melnicenco, Project Manager, +373 22 996162

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