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The Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment (MADRE), the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure (MEI) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) are planning to recruit an Industrial Parks Expert in Moldova. This work will be performed on a part-time basis under an individual service agreement (ISA) contract issued under the EU-funded EU4Environment Action (, Result 2. Circular Economy and New Growth Opportunities.

Main responsibilities of the Industrial Parks Expert will be as follows:

  • Liaise with the EU4Environment National Focal Points (MEI and MARDE), ODIMM and related stakeholders, including Governmental agencies, EU4Environment National Action Coordinator and UNIDO promoting EIPs project activities. Prepare a detailed work plan of the assignment in consultation with the international EIP expert and the project National Coordinator. Gather data and inputs from the RECP stakeholders (in collaboration with the National Coordinator) for completion of the necessary tasks.
  • Identify the stakeholders related to Industries/SMEs, resource use and industrial development in Moldova, including Government and non-governmental institutions, academia and experts. Assess stakeholders on their suitability for participating in the EIP policy process.
  • Identify key strategic documents, initiatives, legislation/regulation and policies to support the selection of two pilot IPs/FEZs/SEZs and their transformation towards EIPs. Draft an overview of existing policies, policy instruments and governance structures relevant to EIPs in the country. Assess the potential for integrating EIP into existing policies/structures. Analyse greening processes of the economy using the data available from the stakeholders contacted (see task 2.2) and desk search. Identify the relevant ongoing (funding) programs and the potential synergies with them. Assist the International EIP Expert in prioritizing and selecting the most suitable policy instruments and interventions for EIPs.
  • Support the International EIP Expert in finalizing the list of relevant EIPs by providing the national context and preferences, in consultation with the pilot sites for EIP transformation in Moldova (i.e. parks’ management and resident companies).
  • Using the EIP Selection Tool of the GEIPP Toolbox, support the International EIP Expert in the selection of the EIP pilot sites by liaising with the primary stakeholders (e.g. relevant government authorities, the National RECP Center, the country experts, the parks management) and collecting relevant data/information as well as by providing local insights and feedback/suggestions.
  • Support the organization of a workshop at each pilot site by liaising with the management of the selected parks and by supporting the International EIP Expert in developing the concept note, agenda, presentations and training material. The workshop should gather the primary stakeholders. Provide written inputs for the concept note, the agenda, the training material and the presentation(s) drafted by the International EIP Expert for the two workshops.
  • Support documenting inputs and submission for approval of at least two pilot IPs/FEZs in Moldova to conduct EIP feasibility exercise, prioritizing the parks with higher potential for implementing EIP principles.
  • Support the International EIP Expert in assessing the potential industrial symbiosis practices (by-product synergies and waste exchanges) in the two pilot sites, upscaling resource and energy efficiency options, collective waste management strategies, and the potential opportunities for implementing the EIP best practices and lessons learned identified in the study of relevant success stories in Europe.
  • Support the organisation of a workshop at each pilot site by liaising with the management of the selected parks and by supporting the International EIP Expert in developing the concept note, agenda, presentations and training material. The workshop should gather the primary stakeholders to present and discuss the results of the EIP feasibility assessments and recommendations, and to develop action plans for the implementation and monitoring of the agreed EIP interventions to pilot test. The presentations should include an introduction on the EIP methodology and recommendations for wider promotion of EIP application at the EaP regional level based on the experience in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine.
  • Support the RECP National Coordinator in preparation of RECP stakeholders group kick-off meeting (online or in-person depending on COVID-19 developments), integrating EIP provisions, with the participation of the EU4Environment National Focal Points (NFPs), ODIMM, CCI, NAC and key institutional stakeholders (including related members of the National Implementation Committee (NIC)), NGOs, all EIP and all FEZ representatives


Qualifications required:

Education: A Master’s degree or an equivalent advanced university degree in engineering (chemical, industrial, environment, mechanical or related matters), environmental sciences, applied sciences, business management and/or related field is required.


Technical and Functional Experience:

  • At least 5 years’ experience relevant to industrial development and/or environmental and energy management and technology in Moldova;
  • Demonstrated familiarity with global green industry/economy and related policy agendas;
  • Demonstrated knowledge and network in the industry sector in Moldova, including its representative structures and stakeholders, related legislation and policies as well as the operating environment and challenges of enterprises, in particular Small and Medium Enterprises;
  • Demonstrated track record of achievement as project coordinator or manager, preferably in an international project environment;
  • Excellent communication, advocacy, drafting and facilitation skills; and
  • Prior knowledge of and experience in the application of RECP methods and techniques in enterprises is a strong asset.


Languages: Fluency in written and spoken English is required. Fluency and/or working knowledge of Romanian is required. Knowledge of Russian language is an asset.

The detailed terms of reference are available upon request to Mr Andrei Isac, EU4Environment National Action Coordinator for Moldova ([email protected]), tel: 022 20 45 29 or 0691 30 366) and Ms. Tatiana Chernyavskaya, UNIDO International Project Coordinator ([email protected]), tel.:+431260265520). Please mention the vacancy title: “Vacancy of Industrial Parks Expert in Moldova” in the subject line.

Applicants should apply to the vacancy by sending a full package of application, include a detailed CV, references and a motivation letter not later than 23h59 (Central European time) on 28 February 2021 to Ms. Tatiana Chernyavskaya, UNIDO International Project Coordinator:[email protected]

Upon selection into a short list, suitable applicants will be invited for an online interview. The selected applicant will be recruited by UNIDO for an contract of Part-time (70 days) assignment in the period of 01 March – 30 September 2021.



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