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AGER is non-governmental organization focused on promoting good governance principles throughout the public sector, through conducting monitoring & advocacy activities, as well as provides expertise to relevant stakeholders on key reform processes. In the past several years, AGER has implemented a wide national campaign of monitoring public procurement, and provided capacity development assistance to local CSOs related to improving citizens engagement in decision-making processes, including monitoring public procurement and delivery of local public services.

“Be the change: empowered citizens - sustainable communities!” is a project that aims to contribute to a more participatory, transparent and accountable decision-making process, particularly at the local level, through increased civil society involvement in watchdog activities and budget related activities as well as promotion of sustainable development principles and EU values.


The Project Coordinator provides support to the team through assessment, planning, monitoring and documentation, capacity building support (training and facilitation) for the subgrantees organizations and coordination with the partner to implement the project.

Key responsibilities

Project coordination

  • Performs permanent monitoring of the workplan of the project’ implementation by each member of the project team and signaling the project director of any occurring risks;
  • Support capacity building of the local organizations (subgrantees) – human resource planning, strategic planning, etc. to effectively lead, implement and monitor the subgrantees’ project. This task will include also the responsibility to conduct trainings for local CSOs on such topics as: non-profit management, efficient fundraising, effective communication with stakeholders, etc.
  • Closely monitors the activity of the grantee organizations, undertakes field visits, participates in monitoring sessions;
  • Receives and reviews the activity reports of the grantee organizations and partner organization and draft the project interim and final activity reports;
  • Maintains a close relationship with the project personnel and the partner organization, provide necessary assistance and advise;
  • Ensures the proper organization of the awareness raising campaign in order to increase the interest of local groups;
  • Drafts all relevant project documents, including grant contracts for grantee organizations, reporting templates, etc.;
  • Is responsible for the organization of all events (round-tables, press conferences, conferences, meetings with citizens) planned within the project;
  • Is responsible for the elaboration of the reports, bulletins, press releases, policy notes, leaflets, posters, etc.;
  • Ensures strong visibility of the project and full compliance with EU visibility guidelines;
  • Prepares estimates for budgeted activities and monitors budgets and expenditure.

Qualifications and training required

University Degree in one of the following areas: Law, Public Administration, Economy or other social sciences;

Experience in project coordination of at least 2 years;

Experience in capacity development and coaching of the local/regional NGOs of at least 1-2 years;

Fluent in Romanian and English languages, knowledge of Russian would be an asset;

Previous experience in the non-governmental sector is an asset.

Required skills

  • Excellent organizational skills;
  • Demonstrated analytical capacities;
  • Well-developed interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Teamworking skills combined with ability to motivate people;
  • Punctual, able to work under pressure and with tight deadlines;
  • A positive problem-solving approach;
  • Enthusiasm to learn and apply new skills;

Documents to be included:

Interested persons must send the following documents/information to demonstrate their qualifications to the email: 

  1. CV with at least 2 contact references;
  2. Cover letter, stating their interest in and qualifications;

Deadline for submitting the documents: August 29, 2019.

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