Creative Industries Association in Moldova Executive Director

Creative Industries Association in Moldova Executive Director

Statement of Work (SOW) for Executive Director for the Creative Industry Association, Moldova

The Executive Director will leverage their professional expertise and academic knowledge to advance the interests of companies and NGOs within Moldova's creative industries sector, both domestically and internationally.


Scope of Work:

Leadership: Drive the strategic direction of the association, overseeing its overall management and operations.

Advocacy: Represent the association in various forums, advocating for the interests of Moldova's creative industries.

Education and Collaboration: Foster a learning environment and encourage collaboration among the members of the association and with external entities.

Industry Promotion: Actively work towards the promotion of the various creative industries within Moldova, based on prevailing trends and opportunities.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Education: A PhD student or a holder of a Doctorate degree in a related field. Candidates with a Master's degree in a related field, will also be considered.
  • Professional Experience: A minimum of 5 years in a leadership role within a relevant industry, such as serving as an Executive Director, CEO or another C level. Demonstrated experience in managing and delivering large projects or events, ideally within the creative industries or related sectors. A track record in promoting and supporting the growth of organizations or industries. Experience in a teaching or mentorship role would be an advantage.
  • Skills and Knowledge: Strong strategic thinking and planning abilities. Excellent networking and advocacy skills, with the ability to represent the association effectively in a range of forums. A solid understanding of the creative industries, and ideally the gaming industry, based on practical experience. Technological competence and familiarity with research methodologies, particularly within the field of interactive media or related areas.
  • Personal Attributes: Strong leadership skills, with the ability to inspire and guide teams. Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. Highly adaptable, with the ability to navigate a rapidly evolving industry. Commitment to promoting the growth and development of Moldova's creative industries.



A strategic plan for the growth and development of the association and the sector it represents.

Regular reports on the association's activities, finances, and progress towards strategic goals.

Organized industry events to promote networking, knowledge sharing, and growth of the sector.

Partnerships with local and international entities to advance the interests of the creative industry.

Time Period:

This SOW covers the period from 2023-2026, with an annual performance review.


Standards and Performance Expectations:

The Executive Director is expected to uphold high professional and ethical standards and to consistently strive for the development and representation of Moldova's creative industries.

Place of Performance:

The Executive Director will be based in Chisinau, Moldova, with potential travel for meetings, conferences, and other relevant events.

Payment Schedule:

Compensation will be negotiated and distributed monthly.

Terms and Conditions:

Additional terms and conditions may be added upon mutual agreement between the Executive Director and the Board of the Creative Industry Association, Moldova.

Points of Contact:

The Executive Director may reach out to the Board of Directors of the Creative Industry Association for any inquiries or issues.

If you are interested in this opportunity, we encourage you to apply for this position by sending your CV and a motivational letter via email to 

Deadline: June 14, 23:59, GMT +3.

Creative Industry Association supports and represents the companies and NGOs in the creative industries sector in Moldova by ensuring their growth, education and local and international connectivity. COR Moldova is bringing people and communities together through shared experiences, with the purpose of developing innovative products and services.