Call for expression of interest for selecting the Green City Lab Moldova Product Development Manager

General context

Green City Lab (GCL) is an NGO that was founded in 2021. It is an institution created to become the leading innovation, knowledge management and networking platform and a source of expertise for catalysing sustainable low carbon green city development in Moldova, and to be recognized by the key stakeholders.

Holistic urban solutions are the key for the sustainable development of the communities that contribute to creating liveable and sustainable cities to enable the development of smart, urban solutions that make cities healthy, safe and attractive places to live in.  The GCL as a knowledge hub for Moldova’s city solutions brings new perspectives on how they work and contribute to holistic urban development. Integrated Urban approach is considered a necessary trend to follow, that influences existing city planning science, consisting of three main pillars:  relational, human and organizational. 

The GCL works closely with donors’ community and plans its activities based on fundraising by project proposal writing and application.

Mission of the GCL is to:

  •  Become leading knowledge management and networking platform in green urban development;
  •  Provide solutions for sustainable development of the Chisinau municipality, as well as other urban centers/settlements from Moldova;
  •  Improve the quality of public services provided by municipalities/urban centers to citizens;
  •  Become source of innovations and expertise in climate resilient, low emission, green and smart urban development;
  •  Become a training/educational center in climate resilient, low emission, green and smart urban development.

GCL areas of intervention

  •  Integrated and participatory urban land use and mobility planning;
  •  Energy efficiency in buildings and renewable energy use;
  •  Resource efficient waste management;
  •  Low carbon mobility;
  •  Climate resilience.

 Call for Expression of Interest

Green City Lab Moldova invites interested individuals to apply for a position of the Product Development Manager of the NGO Green City Lab Moldova.

The Product Development Manager will report to the Executive Director and will work in close coordination with the project team, national and international consultants and national partners. 

Key requirements: 

  • Exert strict adherence to internal rules, regulations, and procedures.
  • Integrate gender equality values in GCL operation and ensure respectful working environment free of bias, harassment, discrimination, and abuse of authority.
  • Demonstrate integrity and act ethically in any decision and action related and/or associated to GCL.
  • Exercise full compliance with UNDP programming, financial, procurement and administrative rules, regulations, policies and strategies while implementing the delegated demonstrational projects.
  • Provide support (administrative, procurement, financial) to GCL core team and experts in efficient and effective projects implementation, if required.
  • Support GCL Executive Director in development of the expenses and other financial reports for the GCL board, donors, and partners.

Primary Functions:

  • Develop and maintain the sustainability of the energy management system;
  • Develop products and services in the domain of climate and sustainable energy, which would attract financial resources to GCL;
  • Provide support in project writing and attracting investments;
  • Develop partnerships and conclude collaborations with other organisations and institutions;
  • Participate in working sessions within Green City Lab Moldova;
  • Promote changes in legislation and regulations;
  • Maintain the collegial and open work environment;
  • Activate the decision line of the GCL Board;
  • Support the design of the Annual Working Plan, as well as insuring its implementation;
  • Contribute to periodic updates/revisions of the Business Plan and Annual Working Plan;
  • Generate the ideas for the new GCL service lines;
  • Provide support to the GCL Executive Director with potential financing institutions;
  • Participate in strategic discussions on GCL resource mobilisation;
  • Interact with potential donors in order to expand the GCL services and ensure the mobilisation of resources;
  • Track potential project opportunities and resources;
  • Suggest to the Executive Director the priorities for the GCL activity; 
  • Provide support for the process of preparation, creation, submission and approval of projects, full, solid and bankable financing concepts and proposals; 
  • Maintain close coordination with the designated project partners, helping to ensure synergies and avoid overlaps in project implementation;
  • Identify and assist by providing technical expertise, including assistance with ToRs elaboration, identification and evaluation of experts and review of reports, etc.
  • Establish networks with governmental and non-governmental partners;
  • Search for other initiatives related to the environmental crisis and low-emission urban development;
  • Ensure the coordination of the developed projects with the GCL team;
  • Collaborate with partners, experts of specific domains while developing project proposals;
  • Ensure the registration on all relevant online databases and maintain up-to-date information about companies and consultants in the GCL intervention area;
  • Develop and maintain the list of GCL experts; 
  • Provide support to the GCL Executive Director in drafting reports for the GCL Board, donors and partners on the status of projects; 
  • Analyse risks and ensure risk management while developing project proposals;

Corporate Competencies:

  • Exert strict adherence to internal rules, regulations, and procedures.
  • Integrate gender equality values in GCL operation and ensure respectful working environment free of bias, harassment, discrimination, and abuse of authority.
  • Demonstrate integrity and act ethically in any decision and action related and/or associated to GCL.

Required Skills and Experience Academic Qualification:

  •  Bachelor degree in the field of energy/economy  (Master’s degree would constitute an advantage).


At least 3 years of experience in products development;

Experience of working with business or in the alike field will be an advantage;

Full computer literacy.

Language Requirements:

Excellent knowledge of spoken and written Romanian and English. Fluency in other languages would constitute an advantage.

Personal skills:

  • Strong organisational skills that demonstrate a high level of accuracy and attention to details;
  • Knowledge of national legislation in the relevant fields;
  • Ability to make new and useful ideas work;
  • Entrepreneurial mindset, with innovative approach to new products or businesses development in the GCL’s areas of intervention;
  • Ability to work in a team;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Ability to work with information
  • Skills in organisation, elaboration of documents and presentation,
  • Problem solving and conflict resolution skills.

This Call does not entail any commitment on the part of Green City Lab Moldova, either financial or otherwise. Green City Lab Moldova reserves the right to accept or reject any or all candidates without incurring any obligation to inform the affected applicant/s of the grounds.

Should you require further clarifications, kindly communicate with the contact person identified below as focal point for queries on this Call:

Ana Svetova,

Administrative Asistant


The application package shall be submitted electronically by 08.06.2022, 11:00 to the following e-mail address: titled in the message as “GCL Product Development Manager, [applicant’s name]”. Application package received after the above deadline will not be considered.

For  more details and application process please consult the Term of Reference

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