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Startup Moldova Foundation aims at developing the Moldovan Tech Startup Ecosystem.The purpose of this component is to ensure encouragement of the entrepreneurship community and development of technology startups and products. Startup Moldova will be built upon the success of fellow programs that happened in other countries. The best example is Startup Chile. The program launched in 2010 and accelerated more than 1600 startups with a combined 2018 valuation at $1.4 billion. Startup Moldova will seek to emulate the results of Startup Chile and significantly boost the number of successful startups incubated and accelerated in Moldova. Apart from delivering value to the ICT industry, startups have a direct impact on the cities. Employment opportunities for youth increases and new employment patterns arise. Entrepreneurship will also give local youth new opportunities to pursue and retain talent in the country.

ATIC is creating a dedicated Foundation to advance the development of tech startups and related programs. The Foundation is created based on the following assumptions:

  1. a) the information and communication technology sector (hereinafter - "ICT") is growing steadily and needs a favorable ecosystem for the development and promotion of innovative startups;
  2. b) the ICT sector is the catalyst factor for building a competitive economy at regional and global level and for enhancing the development of information technologies;
  3. c) the capacities of startups and in general of companies in the field of ICT have a transformative impact on society, but especially in the field of digital innovations;
  4. d) in order to strengthen the ICT sector, it is necessary to diversify and multiply the support and promotion mechanisms, in order to offer companies in this field real chances of promotion, growth and development.

The main objectives of the Foundation are:

a) to contribute to the development of the profile and image of the ICT startup industry both on the internal and external market;

b) to create digital laboratories at local and national level for startups;

c) to contribute to the development of the ecosystem for digital innovation in the Republic of Moldova;

d) to increase investments in startups in the ICT sector, based on information technology products;

e) to contribute to the creation of mechanisms for fundraising and financing of initiatives and projects for the development of innovations and newly established ICT-based businesses;

f) to strengthen the ecosystem of ICT startups in the Republic of Moldova by connecting to international initiatives and networks that promote investments in technology startups, Business Angels networks and the like;

g) to support the expansion of local startups and to ensure their promotion at international level;

h) to promote the positive image of technological startups at national and international level;

i) to facilitate the relations between investors and startups that develop technological products,

j) to achieve any other objectives related or that may result from the fulfillment of the statutory purposes

Job Title: Business Consulting Director



  • Five or more years of experience in business, technology or financial advisory
  • Proven track record of projects supporting organizations in restructuring and transformation projects, M&A OR corporate finance, including projects for technology companies
  • Strong project management capabilities
  • Deep understanding of the technology sector in Moldova and the start-up / micro-companies’ environment in Moldova and its challenges


  • Innovative / creative thinking and fresh ideas in management, business transformation and financing
  • Solid knowledge of investors’ landscape, opportunities, life cycle and mechanisms
  • Proven understanding of technology sector trends, locally and globally
  • Excellent communication and networking skills
  • Highly self-motivated and able to work autonomously, take initiative and make decisions
  • Flexibility and adaptability, familiar with agile and new ways of working.

Key responsibilities

  • Define scope and strategy of business consulting for the beneficiaries of the foundation, including by using structured tools for identifying needs, as well as analyzing best practice internationally
  • Design and implement processes for each stage of a start-up evolution and investment life cycle
  • Develop a team and / or a network of collaborators / subcontractors to support beneficiaries in their challenges
  • Define and implement programmes for identifying opportunities at both ends (start-ups / investors) and match interest of all stakeholders
  • Design and maintain platforms / relevant knowledge resources that can address the needs to stakeholders
  • Identify advocacy themes derived from stakeholders’ needs and propose actions together with the management team
  • Monitor stakeholder feed-back / satisfaction and continuously improve programmes to address their needs

Application procedure:

Interested candidates shall submit CV and motivation letter, in English, by December, 30th, 2021 to and The subject of the email will include the following information: Name/Surname/Business Consulting Director.

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