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Liechtenstein Development Service

Consultancy Type:

External Evaluation


Capacity Development for CNIDE – Future Classroom

Partner Organization:

Foundation for Advancement of Moldova

Contract Duration: 

15 October 2021 - 28 February 2022


Chișinău, Republic of Moldova

Closing Date:



LED Moldova Coordination Office is launching a call for selecting evaluator(s) who would be interested in conducting the external evaluation of the project Capacity Development for CNIDE – Future Classroom implemented by the Foundation for Advancement of Moldova (FAM). For more details and for Terms of Reference of the External Evaluation, please access the following link.

About the project Capacity Development for CNIDE – Future Classroom

The capacity support program aims to help the National Center for Digital Innovation in Education "Future Classroom" (CNIDE) to develop their capacity to better fulfil their core functions and to achieve their mission.

The overall goal of the project is to support CNIDE in becoming a leading center on innovations in education for Moldova’s education system and in promoting the use of technologies for active learning. 

This will be achieved through the following specific objectives: the development of (i) a competent team of trainers; (ii) a portfolio of relevant and quality courses; (iii) a transparent, effective and accountable management of CNIDE.

Evaluation purpose and scope

The evaluation is a final evaluation. It is commissioned by LED to assess the achievements of the first 25 months out of the total length of 36 months of the project life span and to draw conclusions and recommendations for planning the next phase which would further consolidate results.

The purpose of the evaluation is to assess the project progress and results up to date against the objectives and indicators of achievement, in order to help to choose more effective implementation strategy in the next project phase.  

Therefore, the evaluation shall address three objectives

  • To assess the coherence, effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability of the CNIDE project in contributing to the capacity development of CNIDE in becoming a leading center on innovations in education.
  • To provide an objective assessment of the organization capacity of CNIDE by highlighting the organizational strengths and weaknesses. The evaluation will establish baseline for the key performance indicators to evaluate the organizational capacity of CNIDE at future time points.
  • To identify lessons learnt and recommendations for devising a future capacity development support program in order to consolidate the achieved results. The recommendations should include, where appropriate, indications on additional tools and resources to be used for more effective and meaningful impact.

Team composition and expertise

The evaluation shall be done by an international or national consultant or consultancy firm. In case the consultant is an international expert, s/he should work together with a local consultant.

The consultant(s) should have the following qualifications and competences:

  • Proven record in leading evaluations in the context of development work.
  • Proven expertise in issues related to the fields of Capacity development / capacity building, Organizational Management, Digital Education.
  • Knowledge of, and experience in applying standard evaluation principles, qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods.
  • Ability to draft concise evaluation reports of high quality in English.
  • One member of the team should be able to communicate fluently in Romanian.
  • Ideally, the evaluators should be able to visit the Centre premises. Yet, a substantial volume of work could be conducted online.

Submission of Applications

Applicants shall submit the following documents:

  1. A cover letter with a brief description of relevant previous experiences in evaluation of projects in Capacity Development / Building, in Digital Education and/or Organization Management.
  2. If possible, 2 final reports of comparable evaluations recently carried out.
  3. Contact details of 2 references expected to support claims of knowledge, skills, and experience.
  4. A Curriculum vitae (CV), including references to licenses, certifications, accreditations, etc.
  5. A technical and financial offer. The technical offer shall shortly describe the evaluators’ understanding of what is being evaluated and how each question will be answered. The offer must include a short description of the methodology, qualitative and quantitative data collection, organizational capacity assessment framework, stakeholder participation approach, a draft schedule of activities and deliverables. The financial offer shall contain the estimated costs necessary for the conduct of the evaluation. 

Applications with the above details shall be sent by 7 October 2021 to o.poverjuc@led.md with the subject “CNIDE External Evaluation”.

Only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Author: Oxana Xenia P

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