Training Coordinator “Youth Maker Club” (part time)

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                                                   Training Coordinator “Youth Maker Club” (part time)


  1. Background:

Moldovan Association of ICT Companies (ATIC) is the leading voice of the Moldovan ICT industry that promotes the development of the ICT sector in Republic of Moldova through partnerships between companies, similar organizations, government, state institutions and international organizations. ATIC was founded in 2006 to represent the industry in different policy and legislative issues and to facilitate the exchange of best practices between members. ATIC’s mission is to advance the country's competitiveness and to promote Moldova as an optimal destination for value-added IT and BPO services for international clients.

ATIC has previous experience in working on human capital development initiatives such as: ”Aleg Cariera IT” (“I Choose an IT career”), interventions to Vocational ICT Education supported by Austrian Development Cooperation, Moldova ICT Summit Initiatives, the Tekwill project with a focus on entrepreneurship, innovation and education program funded by USAID and Sweden, Robotics and ICT program for young people funded by USAID and Sweden. All the programs have been implemented in close cooperation with government agencies, private sector, academia and donor community. In May 2018, with the support of the Moldova Competitiveness Project, Tekwill expanded with a FabLab (Makerspace) over a surface of 900m2 and which has access to various technologies including 3D printers, CNC machines, electronics, sets of instruments, etc. Starting from 2019, ATIC has initiated a process of regional extension of the Tekwill-type centre and deployment of the activities.

ATIC team, which will be involved in the project, is experienced in implementation of the projects on a small and large scale, having expertise in project management, including financial management, procurement procedures, communication and social media promotion.

  1. About Project:

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is an overarching transformation that covers every aspect of industrial and economic activities, and every aspect of life. Industry 4.0 transforms how products are designed, fabricated, used and operated. In this context, the technology changes what people do on the job, and how they do it. Jobs change substantially through the addition of new tasks or the modification of existing ones, requiring workers to adapt to new working methods, work organization and tools. For instance, many low- to middle-skill occupations including routine-oriented, repetitive tasks and predictable environment are being gradually replaced by machines (i.e. automation). As digitalization and advanced technologies become increasingly present, digital and technological skills become essential. In this context, there is robust evidence arguing for developing new skills: e.g. digital skills and non-cognitive (soft) skills so graduates could adapt to the changing needs of society and the labour market[1]. This mix of skills is reflected in increasing wage differences between workers who are equipped with these skills and those who are not. Furthermore, the use of digital technologies, including open educational resources (OER), machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) in education and training are also driving change in the development of learning materials, teaching and learning processes, as well as fundamentally changing pedagogies.

  1. Purpose:

The project will extend the piloted activities of the YMC inception phase (2019-2020) to a national level to improve responsiveness of the non-formal VET to the labour market needs by providing students with learning opportunities to develop in-demand skills in today’s workforce (technical, digital and soft skills).

YMC project aims to contribute to the following overall goal (impact): Increased employment rate of VET graduates in Moldova.

The project outcome is to enhance tech skills and increase awareness about career paths in Maker/tech industry among YMC participants through the creation of a supportive, collaborative platform where VET students can proactively investigate, strengthen and enrich their technical skills necessary to perform specific tasks and solve real-life problem. 


  1. Training Coordinator’s objective:

The Training Project Coordinator prepares, facilitates, evaluates documents related to training activities and didactic materials’ development in the project, handles logistics for training activities, including venues, equipment and consumables. He/she recruit trainers for mentors, aimed at building capacities of local coordinators and mentors, evaluates and makes recommendations on training material and methodology; designs and applies assessment tools to measure training effectiveness; tracks and reports on training/learning outcomes. He/she also assists in day-to-day implementing projects details as directed by the Project Coordinator and takes part in the activities implemented under the project at local level.

The Training Coordinator will be responsible for a wide range of responsibilities related to training activities, workshops, Makeathons, meetups under the project: “Youth Maker Club”, financed by Liechtenstein Development Service. He/She will be accountable for ensuring that all project objectives are met through effective planning and coordination of project activities.

  1. General responsibilities:
  • Coordinate project training activities, resources, equipment and information for mentors and students;
  • Develop, coordinate and monitor workshops/events plans, schedules, equipment and consumables;
  • Prepare necessary presentation materials for mentors and students.
  • Develop project strategies for implementation of the activities and events in 3 locations of Youth Maker Club (Chisinau, Balti and Cahul);
  • Interact with local coordinators and teams to coordinate project activities;
  • Work with Program Manager and Project Coordinator on instruments for project tracking, monitoring and document control activities;
  • Manage and coordinate the mentors’ team, and ensure the quality of work of mentors and consultants involved in training/consultancy activities related to the project;
  1. Specific Responsibilities:
  • Track project Making activities and monitor schedules regularly to determine any delays or deviations;
  • Develop plan of training activities for mentors and young people enrolled in the Youth Maker Club activities;
  • Organize and deliver workshops for project mentors on specific issued related to YMC project tracks (woodworking, 3D modeling and printing, Arduino, CNC machines)
  • Organize, attend and participate in team meetings and mentors’ meeting;
  • Oversee progresses of YMCs in 3 locations (Chisinau, Balti, Cahul)
  • Develop procurement plan and monitor utilization of the purchased equipment and consumables;
  • Develop recycling strategy of the materials used by participants;
  • Develop plans and lead organization of meetups, makeathons, camps and other Maker activities envisaged by project;
  • Perform other tasks and assignments at the supervisors’ request related to the project;
  • Be able to travel to field location sites within the project area.

07.  Reporting

The Training Coordinator will report directly to the Program Manager. As teamwork is crucial to the success of the project, the Project Manager will also align and coordinate work with other staff as per direction from the Project Manager.

  1. Qualifications:



BSC or BA degree in information technologies, business, economics, or social sciences.



At least 2 years of relevant experience in designing and implementing educational activities.

Language Skills: Excellent oral and written communication skills. Fluency (including reading, writing and speaking) in Romanian/Russian and English is desired.


Computer Skills: Very good knowledge in PC Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook), knowledge of SMM and graphic design programs is an advantage.


Personal Skills:

  • Reliable, accurate and systematic;
  • Goal-oriented, independent, committed, innovative and motivated;
  • Able and willing to learn and acquire new knowledge relevant to the function;
  • Excellent social and interpersonal communication skills and team spirit.
  1. Deliverables:
  • Initial Plan;
  • Activity Report and continuation proposal;
  • Samples of RFPs or any other documentation to develop the content;
  • User’s guidebook for LMS (learning management system);
  • Monthly/semi-annual/final reports;
  • Other required.
  1. Place of performance

The consultant will perform his/her duties in Moldova, as indicated in the SOW.

  1. Period of performance

The assignment will begin on/about 01 September, 2021.

  1. Application process

Interested candidates shall submit CV and motivation letter, in English, by August 31, 2021 to The subject of the email will include the following information: Name/Surname/ Training Coordinator “Youth Maker Club”.