America House Chisinau IT Coordinator


America House Chisinau is looking for a part time IT Coordinator who is technically savvy and creatively energized! America House Chisinau is the flagship cultural center of the United States in Moldova and is designed to increase mutual understanding between Moldovans and Americans. It offers programs/activities in five core areas: English language activities, Educational advising, Alumni activities, Cultural programs, and Information about the United States. America House Chisinau visitors have access to other resources, such as books, films and documentaries, games, and Internet access.

Under the general supervision of the America House Chisinau Program Manager, the IT Coordinator supports the technology needs of the Center to ensure smooth implementation of a wide array of programs, including but not limited to speakers, musicians, and artists.  The IT Coordinator troubleshoots any issues with computers, tablets, or audio-video projection and is in charge of updating the content of America House Chisinau website (Wordpress). He/She may also have creative input into content production for social media platforms in collaboration with the Communications Coordinator. This may include photography or video production.


Minimum Qualifications

  • Understanding of information and technology
  • Excellent computer skills, including ability to use Excel, social media websites, electronic databases and search engines
  • Good knowledge of audio-visual production techniques
  • Customer Service skills:
    • Experience providing customer service to a diverse audience
    • Experience working with youth audiences
  • Communication skills:
    • Ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing, in the local language and in English, with minimal review and correction.
    • Ability to prepare written reports and correspondence and to maintain accurate records
  • Organization skills:
    • Skill in prioritizing work assignments.
    • Ability to carry out routine tasks with minimal supervision.

Desirable Qualifications

  • Education—university degree or candidacy
  • Working level of English, fluency not necessary
  • Ability to effectively troubleshoot and problem solve a variety of hardware and software, including ones that may be initially unfamiliar
  • Enthusiasm for American culture and cross-cultural development between the United States and Moldova
  • Ability to assess community interest in American topics and other areas of interest
  • Flexibility and ability to work as part of a team
  • Attention and adherence to detail, accuracy, timeliness, tact and confidentiality


  • Maintains IT infrastructure and equipment, both for staff use and for public access (computers, tablets, and other devices).
  • Manages technical aspect of programs at America House Chisinau.
  • Provides visitors with on-site guidance on technology use and troubleshooting.
  • Facilitates content creation with the help of the most current digital tools to expand the audience of America House Chisinau.
  • Researches and develops recommendations on the technology vision of America House Chisinau based on international best practices and adapted to the needs of Moldovan audience.
  • Assists the team during IT equipment procurements and ensuring ongoing vendor compliance in installation and warranty maintenance in the capacity of a technical specialist.
  • Contributes creative ideas from the technology side to the design and implementation of America House Chisinau programs.
  • Designs and implements IT-related educational programs, delivers trainings on from basic IT skills to creative technology-based projects.
  • Administers America House Chisinau web-site to implement updates and smooth operation;
  • Photo and video production where applicable.
  • Maintains America House Chisinau email database.
  • Maintains America House Chisinau patrons database and organizes it based on patrons needs, profiles, interests, age, etc.
  • Coordinates email campaigns and newsletters to promote America House Chisinau programs and activities.


June 21, 2021


Part-time: $600/month gross salary


Please send the following by email :

  • A 500-word maximum statement of interest (Romanian, Russian, or English);
  • A Resume (maximum one page);
  • Two references including name and contact information.

Applications will be accepted until June 14th, 2021.

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