Marketing and Communication Officer

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The goal of the project is to establish and operate a fully functional and sustainable ICT Excellence Centre in Moldova.  The activity will establish and manage a physical facility for the Centre, provide for appropriate equipment and staff, and organize trainings and services to students and IT sector workers related to information and communications technology (ICT). 

Job Title: Marketing and Communication Officer

Basic Functions:

The Marketing and Communication Officer is responsible for projects strategic communications and a broad variety of marketing activities within a deadline driven environment.  

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

  • Facilitate selection and engagement of a marketing/public relations company to develop the Center’s Communications Strategy
  • Oversee the Center’s Communications strategy and activities related to project outreach;
  • As directed by the Senior Project Coordinator, provide quality control on all reports, marketing materials, and other documents generated by the project with particular emphasis on those for submission to USAID;
  • Collect content for weekly, monthly and quarterly status and KPI reports;
  • Provide relevant content to the Monitoring & Evaluation Manager for weekly status reports for submission to USAID;
  • Attend meetings with USAID, Tekwill Project and implementing partners on an ad hoc basis regarding communications, outreach, PR, and media related issues, program deliverables and reports, and USAID branding and marking guidelines;
  • Assist with planning, logistics and attends project events as requested by the Senior Project Coordinator, provide technical editing and formatting assistance with program deliverables and reports;
  • Manage consultant labor and vendors with regards to desktop publishing, graphic design, and technical writing/editing;
  • Assist technical staff with public outreach/awareness campaigns;
  • Manage the content on Tekwill website;
  • Work with project partner organizations to assist them in developing and implementing communications strategies;
  • Work with project partner organizations, to assist them in engaging in public education/public relations campaigns to raise the public awareness;
  • Develop evaluation plans and daily measure and monitor social and digital media, newspaper articles and other periodicals for material substantively affecting the work of the Center;
  • Develop and manage budget allocations of social and digital media activity
  • Maintain the marketing's budgets and ensure all marketing activities are cost-effective. Work with other company officers to establish budgets and marketing objectives;
  • Organize and coordinate with local vendors to host award ceremonies, gatherings and public events;
  • Work with Center management team to develop and implement a knowledge management strategy for the Center, including the application of a centralized, accessible and user-friendly information system for project information, clients, business development opportunities, contacts and other essential information;
  • Participate and contribute to marketing activities to promote Center’s products and services. Develop and oversee the implementation of the marketing strategy and tactics for Tekwill space (coworking, event spaces, office spaces, other products and services). Identify areas for improvement in product offerings, sales tactics, marketing strategy, and promotional activities;
  • Provide key technical input on marketing issues, including market information, market chain, local and regional market access issues and constraints;
  • Investigate specific potential targeted markets and niche products that the Center can be offering;
  • Develop and oversee the implementation of the marketing strategy for Tekwill Excellence Center (capacity building and community growth programs) in collaboration with the Community Manager;
  • Approve all marketing campaigns and plans before they are implemented;
  • Assists in the interviewing, hiring, and training of key marketing staff members, including marketing managers, designers, editors, etc.;
  • Provide technical specifications and oversee and ensure good technical and visual implementation of the Center’s website by the third-party digital agency;
  • Provide technical specifications and oversee and ensure good technical implementation of the Center’s payment system by the third-party payment processing company;
  • Assist in developing and oversee the implementation of the marketing strategy for Tekwill Academy.


The Marketing and Communication Officer will report directly to the Senior Project Coordinator. As teamwork is crucial to the success of the project, the Marketing and Communication Officer will also align and coordinate work with the Business Development/Community Manager and Education & Skills Development Manager.  The Marketing and Communication Officer will also work with other staff as per direction from the Senior Project Coordinator.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Communications or related field; Master’s preferred
  • 5 years of experience using digital media and social marketing tools
  • Strong interpersonal, analytical, writing, and oral presentation skills
  • Excellent problem solving and program management skills
  • Knowledge of USAID’s marking and branding requirements is preferred
  • Broad and deep knowledge of the digital media landscape; enthusiasm to stay abreast of digital trends
  • Demonstrate experience successfully multi-tasking across projects and delivering results within very tight deadlines.
  • Strong leader and problem-solver; ability to navigate various viewpoints to develop consensus
  • Experience working with graphic designers and web developers to create digital products (infographics, memes, etc.)
  • Expertise in website development process, including planning, strategy, user experience, information architecture, and usability testing
  • Demonstrated experience in online community building and management
  • Experience in executing digital ad buys
  • Working knowledge of relevant software (Adobe Creative Suite, HTML, WordPress, Drupal, etc.)
  • Working knowledge and prior application of social media analytics tools (Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, Radian6, etc.)

Level of Effort: Full time employment, min 1 year contract, probation period 3 months

Interested candidates are welcome to submit their CVs until August 20, 2020, 18:00 to [email protected] 

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