Resonance is hiring international expert to assess legal framework of child friendly justice

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Center "Resonance" is hiring an international expert to assess the existing legal framework pertaining to justice for children (offenders, victims and witnesses) and its compliance with international standards in the Transdniestria

Organisation:  Center "Resonance" with support of UNICEF

Type:              international individual consultancy

Duration:       February 2020 – April 2020 (25 working days)

Location:        city of Tiraspol and nearby locations

Deadline for submission: 15 January 2020.


The purpose of this consultancy is to inform the counterparts from Transdniestrian region on the level of compliance of the existing legal framework pertaining to justice for children (offenders, victims and witnesses) with international standards, and on the opportunities and recommendations for improving the legal framework, thus creating the necessary knowledge and argumentation basis for further strengthening the legislation.


The overall objective of the consultancy is to conduct, preferably by the end of April 2020, a comprehensive assessment of the existing legal framework on justice for children both assessing when a child is an offender and a child is a victim or witness and its compliance with international standards on child friendly justice, with the following specific objectives:

  1. Assessing legal framework on child friendly justice in a situation when a child is in conflict with the law which include the review of exiting laws and normative acts and practice;
  2. Assessing legal framework on child friendly justice in a situation when a child is a victim or witness of crime which include the review of exiting laws and normative acts and practice;
  3. Assessing relevant institutions, their capacity to follow and comply with the law, and functionality of cooperation among local authorities, juvenile police inspectors, social workforce and other specialists to facilitate social reintegration of children in contact with the law;
  4. Assessing child friendly procedures applicable during investigation of crimes and court;
  5. Developing a set of recommendations for improving the normative and institutional framework.


Tasks for the consultant will be discussed and planned in consultation with Centre “Resonance” and UNICEF. The findings and recommendations of the assessment will be an important source of information in developing the regulatory framework tailored to the needs of children in contact with law.


  • Master’s Degree or equivalent (5-year university education) in Public Administration, Social Policy, Law, Human Rights or another relevant field;
  • At least (5) five years of proven professional experience as a researcher/ evaluator of projects/ policies/ structures, formulation of sector plans, planning of programmes and coordination of research work;
  • Demonstrated extensive knowledge of international human rights law. Knowledge of children’s rights would be a strong asset.;
  • Fluency in English;
  • Good knowledge in Russian is a strong asset.


The candidate is expected to submit:

  1. Technical proposal reflecting:
  • Relevant professional and/or research experience (max 300 words);
  • Proposed approach and methodology (max 1,500 words), including:
    • Timeline and milestones;
    • Risk and mitigation measures;
    • Ethical considerations and how the Consultant will address them;
  • Annex: Short Sample or links to related work previously conducted by the Consultant.

Detailed Curriculum Vitae with relevant information will be attached to the Technical proposal.

Technical evaluation will be performed through a desk review of applications, and if necessary, may be supplemented by an interview.

  1. Financial proposal which shall indicate total budget estimated in US$, as well as a detailed breakdown of budget items as follows:
  • Daily, all-inclusive consultancy fee, multiplied with working days as provided by the deliverables table;
  • Any other applicable costs, fees, expenditures.

All the costs for international and local travel, accommodation and meals will be ensured by the “Resonance” Centre and should not be included in the financial proposal.


Deadline for submitting bids – January 15, 2020.

The bids will be sent by e-mail to [email protected] and [email protected] with the topic of the message “Legislation assessment: international consultant”.

Incomplete bids will not be considered for evaluation.

Please find detailed ToR for international consultancy here:

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