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Chief Operational Officer

Job Description:

We are looking for an ambitious and self-driven Chief Operating Officer (COO) to join our team! As Chief Operating Officer (COO) at our company, you will be responsible for overseeing the overall operational business strategy and processes, as this is crucial for our growth and success. 

With your experience and talents, you’ll be able to lead our team of high-performing professionals to be efficient, productive, and effective.

The goal of the COO position is to secure the functionality of operational processes to drive extensive and sustainable growth.

Primary responsibilities:

Organization of best interaction between Operational Department with all other Departments of the company.

- Determining necessary development directions of Operational Departmen.
- Development and implementation of new operational tehniques and solutions, including new IT solutions to improve customer service and increase company profits.

- Calculation and analysis of all types of key performance indicators (KPI), clearly showing the level of performance of Operational Department.

- Competent organization of Managers from Operational Department workplaces, assistance in creating a comfortable working atmosphere in the Operating room.

- Minimizing routine work and using motivation systems to increase the interest of specialists to work more efficiently.
- Monitoring ongoing workflows, determining peak hours for efficient allocation of human resources.

- Develop and maintain effective organization of responsibilities, including efficient recruiting, training, coaching, workflow patterns, performance standards, delineation of duties and responsibilities, staffing levels and supervision

- Organization of the necessary trainings for new employees (starting courses) as well as regular trainings to improve the skills of Operational Department Claims Managers and Supervisors.

- Training methods of getting rid of stress and prevention of professional burnout syndrome for Operational Department Claims Managers.
- Provide strong, dynamic leadership that mentors, develops, and guides team members to efficiently leverage the value of every call.

- Ensure the end to end customer contact processes and their associated customer experience, supporting cross company initiatives to drive improvements, improve efficiency and reduce complaints.

Compétences et Qualifications

- Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and/or the equivalent experience in the customer support industry required.
- Good knowledge of data analysis and KPIs.
- Leadership skills, with steadfast resolve and personal integrity.
- Excellent interpersonal and public speaking skills.

- Problem-solving mindest.

- Initiative and ability to work independently.

- Be able to diagnose problems quickly and have foresight into potential issues

- Strong analytical skills to interpret statistics.
- Ability to work independently and handle multiple projects simultaneously.

- Knowledge of Russian, Romanian and English

- Knowledge of other foreign languages will be considered an advantage.

We are offering:
• Corresponding to the international company level of salary, starting from 500 USD.
• Great place to work in a new office (class A) in the city center.
• Regular advanced training courses (English, courses in a narrow specialty).
• Regular work with the Corporate Psychologist to improve the personal qualities of each of the employees.

Only candidates selected on the basis of CV will be invited to the interview.
Please send a resume with a photo and an indication of the desired position to the email address: 

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