Request for Proposal for Providing Social Media Marketing Services for Moldova Model Court Initiative: MCI-2004-03-01

Request for Proposal for

Providing Social Media Marketing Services for Moldova Model Court Initiative


November 18, 2022

Dexis Consulting Group (Dexis), an international consulting company based in Washington, USA, is currently implementing the USAID-funded Effective Justice-Model Court Initiative Project in Moldova (MCI). The goal of the MCI project is to assist the Government of Moldova to implement an initiative aimed at improving the efficiency, performance, and quality of court services based on best international practices and in line with international excellence standards for court services.

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to invite potential subcontractors to submit a proposal and quote for providing social media services to promote a legal literacy communication campaign among the population of Moldova and Moldovans abroad.

Offers must be received via email by December 4, 2022, 23:59 local time. Offerors should send their offers by email to the e-mail address identified in Section 3.3.1, inclusive of Offeror’s technical proposal and cost proposal (10 MB limit per email). Further details can be found in Annex 3 Proposal Requirements.

Offers must be on company letterhead with the company’s contact name and address. The subject line of the offer transmission email must identify the RFP reference number (MCI-2004-03-01) and the Offeror’s name.

Dexis will only consider responsive Offers from responsible offerors for award. Unit prices are required and in the case of discrepancies between unit price and total price, the unit price will be taken as reference basis in the evaluation.

All questions or clarifications regarding this RFP must be in writing and submitted to moldova@dexisonline.comQuestions and requests for clarification, and the responses thereto, will be circulated to all RFP recipients who have indicated an interest in this RFP. 

Only written answers from Dexis will be considered official and carry weight in the RFP process and subsequent evaluation. Any answers received outside the official channel, whether received verbally or in writing, from employees or representatives of Dexis Consulting Group, Model Court Initiative or any other party, will not be considered official responses regarding this RFP.

For your reference, please access the RFP HERE.

Thank you!