Workshop on CV writing and mock interview with Michael Ravitsky at America House Chisinau

Looking for a job and need some confidence? You are invited to learn how to create an effective CV, hear common interview questions, and PRACTICE interviewing in a casual, no-pressure setting. You will have a brief mock interview AND you will interview someone else so that you can be on both sides of the process and learn about what hiring managers seek. The speaker of the event is Mike Ravitsky who holds a degree in Business Management from the University of Texas. He worked in Human Resources at Hewlett Packard Enterprise before coming to Moldova. He has interviewed, hired, trained, and managed personnel at various points in his career.

You may be interested in the event if you are a student searching for a job or a young professionals (18-27 y.o).

- Brevity and Results: Characteristics of impressive resumes and CVs
- Common interview questions and how to answer them effectively
- Two short mock interviews (one as interviewer and one as interviewee)

We are waiting to welcome you at America House Chisinau, on 27 Banulescu Bodon street, Chisinau, Friday, 18.01.2019, 3pm-5pm.

Please have in mind a specific job and organization you would like to apply to in the future - this will form the basis of your mock interview 😉

👉 Please take into consideration that the event if free of charge, but the numbers of attendees is limited: 26 people.
👉 To take part in our event, please fill in the form: http://bit.do/eE7Vw

For more details, check the following link: https://www.facebook.com/events/294027767921876/

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