ICT System and Network Administrator


The ICT System and Network Administrator is responsible for all operational and technical aspects of computer hardware, software, and IT-related installations in the Center’s premises..

• Help develop and implement basic office systems and accompanying procedures;
• Oversee procurement of the ICT Excellence Center’s equipment and commodities in coordination with the Senior Project Coordinator;
• Arrange for and oversee the maintenance of office equipment;
• Ensure Center’s computer connectivity, network, and internet services;
• Ensure smooth operation of project computer systems and equipment;
• Install application software in a local area network environment and train project’s personnel on it use and administration if required;
• Be available on-call in the event of computer system anomalies to assist in investigation and corrective action;
• Perform procedures to enable reliable data protection and recovery of the corporate data resources;
• Orient new employees and visitors to the systems available in the Center’s premises;
• Assist in M&E database development and management;
• Serve as primary liaison with IT-related vendors and suppliers.

• B.A. or similar technical study degree;
• At least 5 years of experience in IT positions;
• Fluency in English and Romanian;
• Experience in programming and managing web based applications;
• Skilled in use of SQL Server;
• Experience in server and software configuration;
• Remote management and servicing of applications.

Feel free to apply your CV the following e-mail address: osuruceanu@ict.md  with the mention of the position they are applying for. We are waiting for you in our team!

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