Virtual Conversation Club & Trivia: How to preserve wildlife

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”We protect wildlife for many reasons. It is a source of inspiration. It nurtures a sense of wonder. It is integral to the balance of nature. By protecting species, we save this beautiful, vulnerable and utterly irreplaceable planet we call home.”

But do all of us really take care of our little friends? And how should we properly do that? Let’s discuss and find out more during our Conversation Club & Trivia Game on how to preserve wildlife.
This event is dedicated to the International Tiger Day, celebrated on July 29th, that has been created so that people around the world can raise awareness for tiger conservation. The aim of the day is to help promote a worldwide system whereby we are dedicated to protecting tigers and their natural habitats.

🔶 This event feels better with friends and is appropriate for people aged 14-20 y.o

👉 Registration link: The Zoom link to join the session will be sent to you by email two hours before the event (also check your Spam box).

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