Navigating the Media Storm: A Guide for School Students Using the Tools of Media Literacy and Peace Media

Would you like to possess the skills to navigate through the Internet and the media wisely, able to discern between misinformation, disinformation, fake news, deep fakes, hate speech?

Join us for a workshop on media literacy and peace media tools by American expert Steven Youngblood. 

This workshop will provide you with tools to analyze, evaluate, and interpret media messages effectively. Through interactive discussions, hands-on activities, and case studies from the Moldovan media, you will learn how to decode media content, identify biases, recognize disinformation, and distinguish between fact and opinion.

Steven Youngblood, an expert in peace journalism and media education, will share his knowledge and experience, helping you to understand the role of media in shaping perceptions, influencing attitudes, fostering dialogue across diverse communities, and introduce you to the concept of peace media—a powerful tool for promoting conflict resolution, peacebuilding, social justice, and human rights. 

The workshop has 2 sessions, it is for school and university students (16-21 yo), and it is free of charge!

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