Extended deadline: Selection of a Company to provide promotional/visibility materials

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People in Need Moldova, in partnership with Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces the Selection of a Company to provide promotional/visibility materials

People in Need (PIN) is a Czech non-governmental organization that provides relief aid and development assistance while working to defend human rights and democratic freedom. It is one of the largest relief and development organizations in Europe and has administered projects in 37 countries over the past 20 years. People in Need has been working in Moldova since 2003, implementing projects in the field of economic development, civil society, and youth development, education, actively involved into the deinstitutionalization process and development of the Local social inclusion strategies.

Within the Project, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic through the project: "Covid Response – Helping People with disabilities cope with pandemic", PIN Moldova targets to contribute to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and its impact on people with disabilities in the Republic of Moldova.

1.1 Project Objectives

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to meeting the basic social needs of the vulnerable people based on the real needs and reflect available resources in individual communities.    

Specific objective

The specific objective of the project is to protect the lives of people with disabilities, to face the pandemic and to strengthen the resilience and enable them to cope with the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.



Assignment information

In order to ensure the proper implementation of the project objectives and activities, People in Need Moldova is announcing an open Request for Quotes for procurement of promotional/visibility materials as stated in Annex 1:

1.2 Deadline for submission of applications

The price offer and the insurance of the stock availability will be sent to the following email address:

     [email protected]

     Ref. Procurement of promotional/visibility materials

     People in Need Representative office in Republic of Moldova

The bids are to be submitted no later than August 20th, 2020, 5:00 pm, Republic of Moldova local time. Incomplete offers or submitted after presented deadlines will not be accepted.

1.3. General instructions for Bidders

1.3.1 Questions and answers

Questions and / or clarification requests regarding this application must be formulated in writing and sent by email to [email protected]. All questions will be sent by email no later than August 14th, 2020, 5:00 pm, Republic of Moldova time.

1.3.2. Offers / Price offers

In order the Representative office of "People in Need" in Moldova to be able to compare the prices of all the Sellers, the answers to this Price Request must refer to the same articles. Please, complete the tables in the annexes with the specifications at the end of this document.

Prices must be valid for sixty (60) calendar days.

Prices must include all the delivery costs.

The seller must specify the price for each type. The representative office of "People in Need" from Moldova cannot accept only a lump sum but should be divided onto the separate items. People in Need Moldova reserves the right to adjust the requested quantity of equipment.

1.3.3. Transportation, customs duties and sales tax

The seller must clearly specify the delivery costs separately from the price of the items to be purchased under the present call, as well as separately specify all customs duties and sales tax, if applicable. The seller must present the VAT invoice at the zero rate.

1.3.4. Documentation, country of origin and language

The prices displayed must include copies in Russian or Romanian of all the certification documents. The seller must provide information regarding the transportation to the locations, namely the 4 Residential Institutions with the following destinations: Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, 20 Toma Ciorbă Str.

1.3.5. Contract award / tender award

The contract will be awarded to the Bidder whose bid will combine the lowest acceptable prices. Therefore, the initial offer of the Seller must present the best price conditions and the best parameters. People in Need Moldova reserves the right to discuss with the Seller to clarify the details, if this is necessary.

People in Need Moldova may decide to place the order of a single Seller for all the specified items to be purchased or to place several orders from several different Sellers for different items.

People in Need Moldova reserves the right to reject any Price Offer from the Bidder who did not execute their contracts properly or did not complete them on time.

By submitting the Price Bid, the Bidder agrees to accept the decision of the People in Need Moldova regarding the correspondence or non-compliance of the Bidder's Price Offer with the requirements set out in this Request.

People in Need Moldova is not responsible for the costs incurred by the Bidders for the preparation of the Price Offers in response to the present Request.

1.3.6. Payment term

The term of payment for the placed order will be fifteen (15) working days after the technical acceptance of the entire procurement.

The requirements regarding the offers:

All offers must comply with the following format:

  1. Competence and experience of the Bidder. The bidder will present the copy of the company’s registration certificate in the Republic of Moldova and a summary of the company's activities of selling and distributing promotional/visibility materials, together with the contact details.
  2. Price Offer. The detailed price offer in EUR and the equivalent in Moldovan Lei must be displayed in the form of a table presented in the Price Offer Form (Appendix A), including any additional costs that the Seller wishes to cover. People in Need Moldova will not accept the price only on the basis of a total amount.
  3. Technical specifications. The detailed description of each unit, including any and all technical specifications, will be sent along with the Price Offer (Annex A). Also, the Seller must present the information regarding the product warranty and the availability of the required warranty service, if any. The seller must specify what the warranty covers (supplies, labor, transportation, etc.). The seller must propose the most advantageous warranty conditions.

Evaluation of the Price Offer

All answers must contain the complete documentation necessary for the comprehensive evaluation of each Price Offer People in Need Moldova.

People in Need Moldova will evaluate first of all the conformity of the offers with the mandatory requirements of this Price Request.





Competence and experience of the Bidder

  • Company registered in the Republic of Moldova specialized in the sale and distribution of promotional/visibility materials




  • The best price



Term of delivery and setting

  • < 15 working days = 15p
  • 16-20 working days = 10p
  • 20-25 working days = 5p
  • 25-34 working days =0
  • > 35 working days = disqualification




  • 36 months = 10p
  • 24 months = 5p
  • < 24 months = disqualification


Total points



Annex A

Promotional materials

Bidders MUST complete the table and information regarding the Price Offer required below. The total price of all listed items must be equal to the total price displayed by the Bidder.


Promotional materials




Price per Unit


Price per Unit



Design and production of the project Banner

1 pcs




Stickers with the logo of the donor and PIN’s logo printed

100 pcs




Trifold (roll fold) leaflets

500 pcs




A3 Wall calendars for 2021 (together with the design)

200 pcs




Stickers of A4 format printed with accessible messages about prevention of the spread of COVID-19 among people with disabilities (for the information campaign)

200 pcs




Indicative schedule of activities

The promotional materials are expected to be transported to the agreed in advance address, before the September 15th, 2020.

Price offers should be submitted by email to [email protected] by 5:00 pm (Republic of Moldova time) on August 20th, 2020 the latest, with Ref.: ‘Promotional Materials’ in the subject line.

!!! NOTE: All the documents should be presented in English!!!

The Offer will include:

  • Financial offer
  • Annex A with Equipment costs and technical specifications
  • The copy of the registration certificate of the organization
  • Contact details of the bidder
  • Name of contact person
  • Bank data
  • Company Registration Certificate / License
  • Trade offer
  • Copy of the valid Sanitary Notice and other documents issued by the competent authorities attesting the conformity of the equipment, the company's right to produce and distribute the equipment (in case it is relevant).

Payment modalities




Following the signing of the Contract on supply services


After the transportation of the equipment to the People in Need Moldova office

PIN reserves the right to deduct up to 0.5% of the total contract price for each day's delay in meeting the deliverables specified. This deduction shall be applied to the last payment of 70% of the contract price.

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