Manager - Marketing, Sales and Branding

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Title: Manager - Marketing, Sales and Branding

Responsible to: General Director

Type of job: permanent (with three months probation)

Salary: commensurate with the skills, education and experience



Ziarul de Garda (ZdG) is the leading investigative weekly newspaper in the Republic, catering for both Romanian and Russian speaking audiences. For over fourteen years our ground breaking investigations have led to building a unique and devoted audience in search for good quality content. The content we produce quenches our audience thirst for information and truth in a fair, accurate and balanced way. To maintain these standards we are planning to consolidate our long term sustainability by employing old and new methods of financing our operation, while maintaining the integrity of our content. We are looking for a bright, ambitious and innovative manager to design, lead and implement our Marketing, Sales and Branding strategies. Young professionals are encouraged to apply.


(this list is not exhaustive; new duties may be assigned)

Marketing & Sales

  • Selling advertising space to advertisers & sponsors
  • Delivering targeted audience to advertisers and agencies at a competitive cost
  • Developing promotions for advertisers
  • Generating revenue for ZdG to operate competitively in the market, including revenue from non-advertising initiatives
  • Generating a profit for ZdG which can be re-invested in future content production
  • Adding to the asset value of ZdG by maintaining Advertiser support
  • Organizing the sales department and setting departmental policies and strategies
  • Recruiting, interviewing, selecting and hiring marketing and sales staff if needed
  • Leading and managing the sales team
  • Preparing the sales budget
  • Developing the rate card (price list)
  • Controlling the advertising inventory
  • Coordinating with the finance department on collections and processing overdue accounts
  • Developing and reviewing the compensation plans for sales staff
  • Providing continued training and skills development for members of the sales team
  • Matching salespeople to specific accounts to achieve maximum return for ZdG
  • Setting monthly, quarterly and annual revenue targets
  • Monitoring and measuring the staff’s achievement of these sales targets
  • Conducting regular sales staff meetings
  • Contact potential clients to describe advertising opportunities: phone calls, face to face contact at presentations, meetings and business lunches or dinners
  • Contact existing clients to arrange the placement and design of advertisements they have agreed on and ensure an ongoing relationship
  • Research client needs and explain the benefits of buying advertising space, responding to any objections
  • Explain pricing costs to potential clients and negotiate a fee if necessary
  • Account manage an existing client to ensure their needs are satisfied and they are happy with the service
  • Work with production teams to ensure that agreed advertisements are carried in the right place and at the right time
  • Track purchases and keep record of sales, contacts and deals
  • Attend industry events, exhibitions and conferences, meeting potential and existing clients
  • Work to maximise sales and meet targets
  • Deliver sales reports to management


  • Managing all aspects of ZdG brand across platforms.
  • Analysing the ZdG brand and current branding strategy and highlighting areas of weaknesses or conflicting messages.
  • Creating a brand plan and brand strategy and ensuring all aspects of the ZdG’s platforms and content promotion (on-air, online and offline) and marketing activities align with the ethos and goals of the brand.
  • Creating an enduring brand messages that results in increased audiences, brand loyalty and improving audience market share.
  • Evangelising the brand internally making sure all ZdG staff understands the brand and its goals.
  • Developing and sustaining strong working relationships with all ZDG stakeholders.
  • Playing a key part in buying, sourcing and manufacturing of the merchandise products and ensuring all aspects of the supply chain align with the brand.
  • Developing high quality and effective marketing materials that align correctly with the overall brand strategy.
  • Presenting the brand strategy to directors, production teams at internal meetings and conferences.
  • In case of outsourcing brand related activities, managing external agencies and ensuring marketing budgets are met.
  • Seek out new marketing opportunities that fit with the brand and maximising all opportunities for audience growth.


  • have an instinctive feeling about the future of the independent media (TV, Radio, WWW, Social Media, Apps, Messenger Services)
  • have good analytical skills
  • be a good listener, able to respond to results and audience research
  • be an excellent communicator, both verbally and in writing (Romanian, Russian and English)
  • be able to work well with a wide range of people from different parts of the business, internal and external
  • be a team leader, able to inspire others
  • be able to manage different projects at the same time
  • be energetic and passionate about independent media
  • be organised and methodical
  • be able to work well under pressure
  • have good presentation skills
  • excellent computer skills is a must
  • high ethical and  moral values in tune with ZdG’s vision and mission



  • At least a Master Master Degree  in Marketing & Sales, Communications, Business Administration or related fields, from a reputable university


  • At least 10 years combined working experience in management and/or media marketing and sales


To apply send a letter of intent and your CV to recruitment@zdg.md till August 15, 2018. The letter should be in English, no less than three hundreds words and should explain why do you think this job is fitting best your career ambitions. The CV should also be in English Language and it should contain the contact details of three people that can be approached for references/information related to your past jobs.

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