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Psychologist / Actor / Dancer / Traveler / Stalker / Philosopher / Shark

Imagine this… You’re a sales agent in a call center, working 9 to 6, five days a week. Every day you are stuck in your cubicle, your phone glued to your ear, in a desperate attempt to reach your target, all the while being shouted at by your stressed, jerk of a boss. Did that make your skin crawl? Is that what you’re trying to avoid? Then, we’re looking for you.

Who are we?

We are DevelopmentAid, a leading information provider, specializing in the international development sector. We provide the worlds’ largest consultancy firms, engineering firms, international donors and NGOs with professional information enhancing their ability to deliver value for their customers. What we do is abstract. It is challenging. And it actually matters.
If you think you can do real business developing, then you might just be the Business Development Manager we need.

We’ll probably take you, if:
- Your English is so good and it’s such a big part of you, you sometimes find yourself thinking in English.
- You like talking to people and you can always make them like you back.
- When it comes to clients, you’re a stalker. Not the freak, dangerous, “sounds-like-my-ex” type. But you like to touch base and going after a client is not beneath you.
- You know exactly what to say and when to say it.
- You are creative, self-composed and disciplined.
- Stress is no biggie. You handle it like a boss.
- You don’t settle. You always go for better. Progress is imperative.

What we need you to do: 
- Establish contact with potential clients. Make them offers they can’t refuse. This will be done from our offices and in the field. The field can be anywhere, as our clients are located all over the world.
- Maintain strong relationships with the clients. Have them know you genuinely care.

To apply, please send your English CV marked with the job-code BDM-CSD to HireMe@developmentaid.org

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