EVS project “Accept nature-learn culture” in Sirvėtos Regional Park, Lithuania

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EVS project “Accept nature-learn culture” in Sirvėtos Regional Park, Lithuania.

Sirvėtos Regional Park was established in 1992 to preserve the moraine landscape of Švenčionys region, the natural ecosystem and cultural heritage.

The Directorate of Sirvėta regional park is a budgetary governmental organization. 6 people (4 specialists) work here. The main aims of the organization are:
• to preserve the unique local “Švenčionys height” landscape, to preserve and protect the local fauna and flora;
• to protect and propagate the cultural heritage of the area;
• to restore damaged natural and cultural monuments;
• to implement monitoring, research, collect information on environmental issues;
• to facilitate the development of ecotourism in the park’s territory;
• to organize and realize educational, cultural activities, events, to advocate for natural and cultural protection.

Motivation and EVS experience

  • Volunteers will learn about ancestral Lithuanian cultural, their view to the world around them through mythology of this area.
  • Volunteers will assist the park’s specialists during the monitoring of biodiversity.
  • The volunteers will have an opportunity to learn not only Lithuanian language, but also to learn, to experience ethnic archetypal songs of this area.
  • Volunteers will help the regional park’s specialists to manage cultural and natural heritage.

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process:
We would like to receive volunteers who would:
• be interested in Lithuanians culture, cultural heritage, nature, ecology;
• be able to communicate in English or/and Russian;
• like hiking, travelling and explore nature, learn about it;
• be ready for some physical work;
• be able to work independently, and plan own activities.

Number of volunteers hosted from Moldova: 1

Activities start: 5th of May 2016.
Activities end: mid of December 2016.
Duration: 7 months.

Travel Cost: the organisation will reimburse 100% up to 275 EUR.

Contact and application

To know more about these project please visit:

http://europa.eu/youth/volunteering/organisation/46000488966_en.If you are interested in these project please send your CV and motivation letter in English to: advit_team@yahoo.com by 5th of March. With the subject “Accept nature-learn culture_Name Surname”.

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