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Tender no 83381500 Conducting a Survey on assistance devices and equipment for people with disabilities’ working places

The German Development Cooperation through GIZ is looking for a contractor to support the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection to conduct a Survey on assistance devices and equipment for people with disabilities’ (PwD) working places, within its “Economic Policy Advice to the Moldovan Government” project.

For the detailed terms of references (ToR), and eventual questions, please address a message to the e-mail:, showing the tender number in the message title, not later than 15.06.2021, time 17:00.

The objective of this assignment is to carry out a Survey on assistance devices and equipment for PwD’s working places, with an overall goal to support the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection and ANOFM in subsidizing the employers that are creating or adapting the working places for PwD, according to the provisions of the Laws no.105/2018, 60/2012 and Government Decision no. 1276/2018.

To achieve the objective, the service provider shall perform a Survey on assistance devices and equipment for PwD’s working places, according to the methodology, which can be provided to the potential bidder upon request.

Required qualifications:

This assignment will require a specialized company, which:

  • be a legal entity registered in the Republic of Moldova;
  • have the status of Operator, according to the Law no.133/2011 on the protection of personal data;
  • prove experience at the national or regional level in the area of sociology, statistics etc.;
  • provide excellent in-house expertise in conducting surveys, preferably for vulnerable groups, as well as solid backstopping support;
  • prove relevant experience in developing studies/reports based on surveys’ results etc.;
  • provide track record of working with the Government;
  • comply to the principles of Quality Management regarding the organization and implementation of consulting services.

The successful bids shall include:

  1. Original detailed financial offer in MDL, VAT exclusive, corresponding to the activities proposed for implementation and requirements established in the ToR received (in a separate document);
  2. Technical offer containing (in a separate document):
  • Cover letter;
  • Company overview (profile), including experience in the area; team members and their main qualifications (CVs); contact data, persons responsible for the assignment implementation and coordination;
  • Copy of the company registration certificate in the Republic of Moldova;
  • Company bank data, including bank name, code and IBAN in MDL;
  • No-debt certificate issued by the Moldovan Tax Service or copy of the latest financial reports;
  • Technical and organizational measures to ensure a high level of data protection and data security, according to ToR.

Bids evaluation will be performed based on the ratio 70% for the technical offer (including company and experts experience, capacity to perform as required, correspondence of technical offer to the conditions set in the ToR) and 30% for the financial offer.

All personal data are for the internal use of GIZ; confidentiality guaranteed.

Applicants shall be residents of the Republic of Moldova.

Applications shall be submitted via email to showing the tender number (83381500) and subject on it, not later than 18.06.2021, time 17:00.

Please note that applications received after the deadline, as well as incomplete applications will not be considered. Financial offers containing other currency than Moldovan Lei, will not be considered. GIZ retains the discretion to re-advertise or cancel this tender.

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