Re-announcement for Tender no. 83372194 Design and development of a website for the Association of Electronics Companies in Moldova (ACEM)

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The German Development Cooperation through GIZ is looking for a contractor to support the Association of Electronics Companies in Moldova (ACEM) in development of a website of the Association, within its “Government Advice on Economic Development” project.

For the detailed ToR, please address a message to the e-mail:, showing the tender number in the message title.

The objective of the assignment is the design and development of a website for the Association of Electronics Companies in Moldova with the main goal of ensuring the communication process of the members of association with the business society from the country and from abroad, offering as well practical tools & platforms for exchange and direct connections, promoting Electronics sector in Moldova, promoting products and services offered by members, attracting investments in the sector. The web page should provide, inter alia, information about the on-going Association’s activities and projects; information about membership and existing members. Also, the web page should be an interface with links to relevant and trusted/recommended sources/partners, details of sector opportunities, events organized by ACEM as well as a platform for discussion, with the possibility to download sectoral relevant publications.

To achieve the objective the contractor shall perform the following tasks:

  • Conduct working meetings, starting at the beginning of the assignment and continuing throughout, with ACEM and GIZ team to get the inputs for developing the functional specification document;
  • Elaborate an original and modern web page design of ACEM. The design shall include all programs, scripts and modules based on the open source platforms;
  • Collect the data and develop the content of the web page in three languages (Eng, Ro, Ru), including the content’ text, photos, other relevant information, etc.;
  • Develop the navigation mechanisms;
  • Design required instruments for the web page maintenance, dynamic management of the contents, including direct link and efficient instruments for regular update of the databases;
  • Elaborate the instruments for web page traffic monitoring;
  • Train ACEM staff on web page administration, maintenance and update;
  • Ensure deployment of the website on the hosted platform agreed with ACEM;
  • Purchase and install and SSL Certificate valid at least 3 years and recognized by most browsers;
  • Provide technical support and warranty for twelve months after the acceptance of the website;

Required qualifications:

This assignment will require a specialized web design company, which:

  • Has prior first-hand experience in providing software and web page design services by having at least 5 years of previous experience in performing similar assignments (i.e. development of the web pages for public authorities and / or private entities);
  • Possess a portfolio of works that would prove professional excellence and professional capacity with at least three successfully implemented projects on the proposed open source platform;
  • Has staff with relevant experience in content development able to provide the entire web page content and design;
  • Has knowledge of the requirements imposed to Internet web pages of the public authorities and private companies;
  • Has capacity to undertake the assignment, inter alia, appropriate equipment, technical staff, software, etc.

The successful bids shall include:

  1. Original detailed financial offer in MDL, VAT exclusive, corresponding to the activities proposed for implementation and requirements established in the ToR received (in a separate sealed envelope);
  1. Technical offer containing (in a separate sealed envelope):
  • Cover letter,
  • Technical offer with detailed description of the technical solutions for the proposed website, inter alia proposed software platform, web page design and architecture, content management system, etc. (in a separate sealed envelope). Additional conceptual proposals are welcomed (design drafts, additional features, improved functionality ideas, implementation timeline, other);
  • Company overview (profile), including experience in the area; team members and their main qualifications (CVs); contact data, persons responsible for the assignment implementation and coordination;
  • Copy of the company registration certificate in the Republic of Moldova;
  • Company bank data, including bank name, code and IBAN in MDL;
  • No-debt certificate issued by the Moldovan Tax Service or copy of the latest financial report.

Bids evaluation will be performed based on the ratio 70% for the technical offer (including company and experts experience, capacity to perform as required, correspondence of technical offer to the conditions set in the ToR) and 30% for the financial offer.

All personal data are for the internal use of GIZ; confidentiality guaranteed.

Applicants shall be residents of the Republic of Moldova.

Applications shall be submitted via email to showing the tender number (83372194) and subject on it, not later than 29 January 2021, time 17:00.

Please note that applications received after the deadline, as well as incomplete applications will not be considered. Financial offers containing other currency than Moldovan Lei, will not be considered. GIZ retains the discretion to re-advertise or cancel this tender.

Questions shall be e-mailed to , by showing tender number in the message title.

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