The project "Technical Assistance to support CSOs development in the R. Moldova", financed by EU Delegation to the R. Moldova and implemented by a consortium led by KMOP Greece, is hiring 1 Junior Non-Key Expert on communication and visibility and social media marketing of hand-made production. The Junior Non-Key Expert will support 20 civil society organisations, which are developing social enterprises, in advertising of their small-scale hand-made production, aiming at better commercialisation of products 

All applicants are kindly requested to send their CVs in EuropeAid format, it can be downloaded at the following link:

Background information:

The overall objective of the Technical Assistance project contract is to contribute to the development of civil society in becoming a stronger actor, including in actively participating in decision and policy-making and implementation processes of the EU-Moldova Association Agreement with the aim of enhancing domestic accountability and transparency.

Within the purposes of the TA contract, relevant for the present assignment, are:

  • the ensuring of technical assistance to EU grant beneficiaries to implement EU funded projects and to comply with EU rules and procedures and,
  • the monitoring of grant achievements under the Civil Society Facility. 

The main purpose of the actions financed within the grant scheme under the Civil Society Facility is the provision of financial support to third parties. The Call for Proposals was designed in such a way as to allow small, grassroots organisations to cooperate with larger, well-established applicants through the mechanism of financial support to third parties. Grassroots and smaller organisations often lack the capacity to apply directly for EU funding, so the arrangements under the Call gave them access to EU funds, as sub-grantees.


Junior Non-Key Expert on communication and visibility, and social media marketing of hand-made production


Main responsibilities:

The final aim of this assignment is to assist and advise 20 civil society organisations who are running social enterprises in advertising their small-scale production through social media, in order to achieve a better commercialisation of their products.

The TA contract wishes to provide support to sub-grantees in enhancing their skills and competences for the promotion of handmade products on social media.

The main tasks or the assignment are:

  • The expert should orient the CSOs representatives on social media in order to promote the hand-made products /other articles developed by CSOs. The scope of CSOs is to sell their products in the country, as well as abroad.
  • The expert should carry out individual coaching of at least one day per each organisation at their premises;
  • The expert should support the CSOs in finding new markets /networks through which the products can be promoted on social media.
  • The expert should assist up to 20 CSOs in producing high-quality promotional material (pictures, videos, social media banners, etc.)
  • To provide mentoring to CSOs representatives on how to advertise their products on social media, including how to place pictures/ videos/ on social media taking into consideration marketing principles and best practices. The expert should take at least 10 pictures of several products, produced by each CSO.


  • To carry out meetings with every sub-granted CSO (20 CSOs) for exploring the production and producer’s needs;
  • Based on the initial findings to elaborate visibility materials such as pictures, videos etc. to be placed on social media;
  • To guide CSOs on how to advertise and better commercialise their products, as well as to network them with similar professional organisations;

Minimum selection criteria:

  • University degree or equivalent higher education degree in a relevant field for the assignment (Communication, Marketing, Economics and finance, Law, Social Science, Political Science, Education or related field) or at least five (5) years of equivalent professional experience above the minimum requirement below;
  • At least three (3) years of work experience in his/her area of expertise and relevant to the required task;
  • At least three (3) years progressive work experience in communication, visibility, marketing and social media;
  • Proven skills for production of high quality promotiomal pictures, videos etc.
  • Previous similar work experience with small social enterprises will be an asset.

Competences – knowledge, skills, abilities:

  • Results-driven and initiative-taking behaviour;
  • Able to work in an autonomous manner; respect the required confidentiality and ethical rules, and communicate effectively with different stakeholders;
  • Proven ability to produce quality outputs and keep deadlines;
  • Proven communication and presentation skills;
  • Good command of the Romanian and Russian languages is compulsory;
  • Computer literacy, especially Word and Excel;
  • Willing to travel to the different project sites in Moldova;

Input in working days:

40 working days all spent in Moldova (Chisinau and outside Chisinau);

Estimated timing:

December 2019-June 2020

Deadline for application: Wednesday, 27th of November 2019 

Please send your CVs in EuropeAid format (the template can be found on the link above) to the following email address: 


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