Expert in e-commerce short-term position for the project “Digitalization resource hub for SMEs”

The Organization

The Alliance of Small and Medium Enterprises from Moldova(AIM) is a membership-based organization composed of over 70 SMEs. Our mission is to advance and protect the general welfare and prosperity of small and medium-sized businesses and those doing business with small & medium-sized businesses in the Republic of Moldova so that the business community and its citizens shall prosper.

AIM announces the open call for a short-term position of expert in e-commerce for the project  “Digitalization resource hub for SMEs”, financed by The Moldova Future Technologies Activity (FTA), funded by USAID and Sweden.

Project duration: 18 months November 2021 - July 2022

Project objectives: 

The overall objective of the project is to scale the National Ecommerce Program resulting in 150 small and medium enterprises actively engaged in e-commerce, achieving increased digital sales on domestic and regional markets. 

Terms of Reference

The expert's primary role will be to develop the curriculum for Digital Academy, an educational resource that will consist of an online course and offline training curriculum for SMEs on Ecommerce Program. 

The course will focus on several aspects: digitalization, e-commerce, green technologies, and sustainability best practices. Based on this document, it will be developed an online course will be integrated into the platform:  The online course will be a resource that should give all the SMEs in the initial phase a basic understanding of the e-commerce and digital transformation of small businesses and existing resources and programs that support this process. 

As an additional learning tool for the Ecommerce Program, the course will consist of a series of 10 trainings. The offline training will be designed as advanced training on specific topics to support the SMEs in the implementation of digital tools and e-commerce solutions, including the facilitation to ODA programs on digitalization. All training participants will complete in advance the online course. The main beneficiaries of these activities will be the enterprises that work in: light manufacturing, information, and communication technology (ICT), precision engineering, green economy, creative industries, and digital media production sectors. 

As a prerequisite for the development of the below-mentioned deliverables, the expert shall conduct desktop research in order to find and analyze the outcomes and outputs of similar past projects performed by ecosystem players (Business Accelerators, donor projects etc) in terms of the pre-recorded, asynchronous video training. The expert could advise procuring/taking over the existing content in-line with the anticipated curriculum rather than producing a new one.   

Specific deliverables:

  • Desktop assessment of the existing training programs and video training
  • Curriculum for the Digital Academy with a list of 15 topics: 5 modules for the online course and 10 training 
  • A list of suggested 10 extra topics that address e-commerce will be addressed in Ask an Expert events
  • Development of the quiz content

Required Experience:

  • Proven experience in e-commerce
  • Experience in education and training will be an advantage 
  • Experience in Small Business Development 


Email a resume / CV to Liliana Busuioc, AIM Executive Director -, application deadline is November 30th.

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