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Primaria Mea NGO is a community of citizens who want a comfortable, accessible, and beautiful Chisinau. Launched in March 2016, the project promotes the idea of a better city, in which the authorities consult citizens when setting priorities, developing, and implementing public policies.

We present the activity of the municipal authorities in a more accessible way, which would interest the people of Chisinau. Once the citizens of the capital will follow the activity of those they have chosen and get involved in the decision-making processes, their efficiency will improve.


Objectives of the web platform

  • Inform citizens about the activities of Chisinau City Hall and the city’s affairs through articles, research, videos, newsletters, guides, and other content.
  • Engage citizens through community organizing activities, petitions, access to information materials, videos, and events.
  • Monitor and analyze the activity of the Chisinau City Hall, its suburbs, Mayor and publish reports from city hall meetings and activities.


The Terms of Reference for the web development of the website for Primaria Mea non-governmental organization can be found here. The current website is located at The Executor is expected to submit a proposal for the development of the platform that enables it to achieve the objectives described above and to perform functionalities explained in ToR. The chosen company, named below is expected to develop the web design of these functionalities, consult and approve it with Primaria Mea team, develop the functionalities, train the Primaria Mea team to operate and work with the platform and execute the maintenance of the platform.

Primaria Mea will provide to the Executor a draft of the mockup (wireframe) with the content of the platform and other related elements such as colors, fonts, and logos.


Timeline of the execution

Design and prototype of the platform: June 2022;

Development of the platform: July – August 2022.


Application process

Interested companies are requested to submit their Offer in English or Romanian via email to The application package will include the technical offer; an estimated financial offer for the development of the website (with separately indicated VAT) and a minimum of 6 months of hosting and maintenance; and a portfolio or examples of web pages previously developed. 

The application deadline is June 14, 2022, at 23:59.

For any additional questions, please contact us at or at the phone number +37360212112

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