Events for awareness and visibility


 Ecological Counseling Center Cahul, subcontracts a service company, which will be responsible for organizing and serving the visibility and awareness events.

Reference to the project: Consolidation of adaptation measures to climate change in the "Prutul de Jos" Biosphere Reserve

Type of contract: Service contract

Starting: February 2023

Ecological Counseling Center Cahul, announces the selection of a service company for the organization and servicing of awareness and visibility events and ensuring visibility on a large scale within the project Consolidation of adaptation measures to climate change in the Biosphere Reserve, "Lower Prut". The project is funded by the Austrian Development Cooperation.


Project description:

The project "Consolidation of climate change adaptation measures in the "Prutul de Jos" Biosphere Reserve supported by the Austrian Cooperation for Development aims to support the national and local authorities in the implementation of the Law on the establishment of the "Prutul de Jos" Biosphere Reserve no. 132 of 13.07.2018 which entered into force on 24.08.2018. Within the project, assistance will be provided to central authorities and especially to local actors in 10 town halls, with the aim of increasing resilience to climate change; supporting the implementation of pilot measures regarding adaptation to climate change, which will be identified during the project; and learn how to contribute to the conservation of the ecosystem. The project will be implemented in the Lower Prut area, which is located in the southern part of the Republic of Moldova and includes the Prut River and naturally flooded lakes.


The expected impact of the project is: The "Prutul de Jos" Natural Protected Area Biosphere Reserve is sustainably managed taking into account the impact of climate change and provides ecosystem services for local communities.


The expected result of the project is: The climate resilience of the Biosphere Reserve of the Protected Natural Area "Prutul de Jos" is improved, and communities and local authorities have increased their capacities to adapt to climate change.

The selected company will provide the following services:

Awareness and visibility events in the Lower Prut region;

- Organization and service of 5 round tables, for awareness and visibility at the level of the target area (15 people/event).

- Organization and service of 6 on-site visits, to carry out the awareness campaign and ensure visibility at the level of the implementation area (15 people/event).


Cahul district, Republic of Moldova.

Eligibility of contractors

1) Experience in the field minimum 4 years.

2) Economic and financial capacity of candidate: The reference period which will be taken into account will be the last three years for which accounts have been closed.

3) Portfolio

The offer must contain:

1. The name of bidder;

2. The contact details and banking details of the bidder;

3. Technical and financial offer (signed and stamped) VAT zero rate.

Working period:

Working period will be starting with February 2023 till May 2023 depending on project activities.


Contractor will work under guidance of Ecological Counseling Center Cahul.

Financial arrangements:

Payment will be made in accordance with the Contract for providing services and certification by the project manager that the services have been performed satisfactorily.

The financial offer will be presented in MDL or EUR, VAT zero rate.

Evaluation criteria:

The price indicated in the offer is final and can not be adjusted after the deadline for submitting offers. The comparison of the financial offers will be made in MDL or EUR. The selection of offers will be based on the price and quality of elements offered.

How to send bids:

Electronic: the offers can be sent via e-mail to the following address: with indication of the following subject: “Bid for visibility elements”;

In physical form, at the following address:

Centrul de Consultanta Ecologica Cahul

Republic of Moldova, Cahul, MD-3900, A. Mateevici no. 21

The complete dossier will be placed in a sealed envelope with the following information: name of the bidding company, name and signature of the director and stamp, bank details and contact details: postal address, fixed and mobile phone, e-mail address.

The deadline for submitting bids 8 February 2023,  17:00 o’clock.

Delayed offers will be rejected.

For more information:   


Phone number: +373 78127500