UNICEF RFP 9160843, Extended: Supporting capacity building of Local Public Authorities on Public Finance management for children

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UNICEF Moldova invites interested entities to submit their proposals for Supporting the capacities of Local Public Authorities of the EU4Moldova focal regions on
formulating, implementing, and reporting on child friendly budgets.

Objective: The purpose of this consultancy is to increase the technical capacity of LPAs on PFM through needs assessments, actual PFM capacity trainings, and the development of budget analysis at the district and municipal levels.

The focus of this analysis will be on the key cash benefits reaching children.

The contracted company will have the following major areas of responsibilities:
a/. Provide an overall picture of the public budget of these two district and municipalities (including revenues, trends in budget allocations and executions, deficits, etc.);
b/. Review legal, regulatory and administrative procedures and local capacities (technical and financial gaps) that may hinder the budgeting and reporting on child focused public expenditures and recommend necessary actions;
c/. Work closely with the District and Municipal Finance Departments of Cahul and Ungheni, as well as the social sectoral departments, the Ministry of Finance, and other relevant stakeholders at the local level to identify and track child focused expenditures linked to key child rights priorities in the strategic planning at the local level;
d/. Develop a capacity building plans to train budget coordinators and actors (including local youth councils) at the district level on child focused budget formulation, analysis and reporting;
e/. Conduct sectorial gender and children related social budget trends, expenditure and efficiency analysis with the Finance department of the municipalities of Cahul and Ungheni.

Please find details on the assignment in the Terms of Reference enclosed in the RFP Document.

How to apply: offers are accepted by email and hardcopy. Please find relevant details in the RFP document available at http://www.un.md/tnddetails2/2119/ 

Application deadline: 17 September 2020, 11:00

Distribuie prietenilor:

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