Community accountability Officer

MEAL and CARM Officer

Charity Centre for Refugees NGO is recruiting Community accountability Officer: MEAL and CARM coordinator. The holder of this position will implement activities within the Project “Supporting vulnerable refugees and local population in the context of the Ukraine refugee crisis - from relief to integration”.


As an organization, Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR) is committed to accountability to all of our stakeholders, including the people we assist, and to the resources that are entrusted to us. CCR takes a participatory approach in engaging with beneficiaries of its programs: refugees, asylum seekers, beneficiaries of humanitarian protection, and local communities throughout the program design and implementation.

A community Accountability Reporting Mechanism (CARM), as well as Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) are important parts of CCR’s commitment to integrity, by providing individuals, organizations, local groups, and other stakeholders a means of raising concerns about potential staff misconduct or sharing feedback or programmatic activities (positive and negative) with CCR, independently from program operations.

In the context of Ukrainian refugee crisis in the Republic of Moldova, rolling out and implementing CARM and MEAL will ensure that the CCR team will continue to uphold CCR’ high standards of accountability.


  • To use CCR Community Accountability Reporting Mechanism (CARM) and MEAL procedures as part of the commitment to accountability to affected populations and the prevention of all forms of exploitation and abuse among the participant community within which the CCR works;
  • to serve as the focal point for community accountability communication with the financing partner;
  • to document the feedback mechanism process;
  • to establish and operate three feedback channels to collect feedback;
  • to store and document all feedback in the CCR database;
  • to take appropriate action based on the severity of the feedback;
  • to ensure that feedback received related to actions that are prohibited under CCR policies provided by the CCR General Code of Conduct;
  • to report monthly on the feedback, complaints and requests received following the financing partner’s guidelines.


  1. To respect the regulations of the CCR statute, the decisions of the General Assembly, and other norms of internal discipline, like labor discipline, rules of labor and sanitary protection, norms of anti-incendiary security etc.;
  2. to follow the CCR Code of Conduct, including policies on prevention and response to sexual exploitation and abuse, gender-based violence and other regulations;
  3. to supervise and carefully exploit the technical equipment, furniture and other components of the CCR, avoiding their deterioration before the established terms, and be responsible for the assets within the Project;
  4. to keep all the information related to the work confidentially and do not share it amongst other employers, local population, institutions etc.;
  5. to perform other duties and responsibilities related to the CCR beneficiaries’ assistance.


 Knowledge and abilities:

  1. Proven report writing skills are required;
  2. proven experience in data collection, data-entry, data/information management and analysis;
  3. good interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate and negotiate clearly and effectively at all levels, taking into account cultural and language challenges. Tact and diplomacy are essential.

Education and professional training:

Bachelor's Degree or equivalent in relevant field.


Experience in social work field, or other related field in the public sector, international organization, national agency, non-governmental organization/think-tank, or private sector.

Language skills:

Excellent writing skills in English. Romanian, Russian or Ukrainian will be a plus.

How to apply:

CV and cover letter will be sent to with the subject line 'CARM and MEAL Officer - [applicant's name]'.
Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to the interview.

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