AO Centrul de Drept al Avocatilor is hiring Liason Specialist (Temporary Appointment until 31 December 2022)

Liaison Specialist – Job Description

In the context of the efforts of the Republic of Moldova and the Chisinau City Hall to support the management of the humanitarian crisis and the management of the number of refugees by external partners (international and funding programs), the position of Liaison Specialist within the Chisinau City Hall will be created.

The Liaison Specialist within Chisinau City Hall will represent the main point of contact coordinating actions, up-to-date information, progress in the management of the refugee crisis between Chisinau City Hall, Government, local civil society and other organizations/agencies that are willing to support these joint efforts. The Liaison Specialist will serve as the official intermediary for senior officials of all organizations to communicate and coordinate their activities related to refugee management in the Chisinau Municipality and their integration. The Specialist will support strategic partnerships by providing high-quality advice, facilitating effective knowledge management and providing technical assistance for planning, coordinating, monitoring and reporting refugee crisis management in any collaboration. The specialist will be present as a facilitator to assist and support this process to coordinate updated information between all partners and stakeholders involved in the refugee crisis management within the Chisinau Municipality.

Key Responsibilities

  • The liaison specialist shall act under the authority of the Chisinau Municipality to coordinate and control any refugees related activities.
  • The liaison specialist shall facilitate communication between UNHCR and Chisinau Municipality. In so doing, the liaison specialist shall provide advice to the humanitarian organizations about the Chisinau municipality refugees crisis management, data, activities, integration.
  • The liaison specialist is also expected to be active in the liaisons of international organizations and stakeholders involved in the Ukrainian Refugee Crisis Management and attend their key
  • The liaison specialist is responsible for a coherent response on relevant programs and actions pertaining efforts in the liaison
  • The liaison specialist will support strategic partnerships by providing top-quality advice, facilitating effective knowledge management, and providing technical assistance to Ukrainian Refugee Crisis Management, coordination, monitoring and reporting.
  • Coordinate the efforts of agencies and assist the Chisinau Municipality in providing refugee assistance in the most efficient and coordinated manner possible.
  • Communicate with the public on behalf of organization if appropriate
  • Act as a point of contact for employees within organization
  • Research and write reports and other correspondence to facilitate communication. Assist with organization’ briefings on refugee management
  • Keep a contacts list with relevant people from other agencies and organizations.
  • Meet with people from other agencies and organizations and foster positive and long-term relationships.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Extensive professional working experience in areas of international cooperation or other related fields
  • Good skills in people management
  • Have good communication skills
  • Have good negotiation skills
  • Ability to establish relationships with other professionals
  • Effective Problem Solving Skills
  • Ability to maintain relationships with contacts within the humanitarian filed, but not limited to
  • Be able to communicate effectively with the public
  • Have a basic understanding of public relations.
  • Public-speaking skills
  • Proven written and verbal skills in Romanian and English
  • Self-Management Skills
  • Self-motivated

Application process :

The CV should be submitted to

The deadline for submissions of applications is 19.10.2022 at 18:00 local time.

(Temporary Appointment until 31 December 2022 with the possibility of extension)

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