UNICEF ITB 9164941, desktop video-conferencing solution

UNICEF Moldova invites interested companies to submit their bids for supply of 

IT equipment - 210 desktop webcams for the Ministry of Education Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova (MECR)

Bidders can submit either hardcopy or e-mailed submissions. Electronic submissions via e-mail are strongly encouraged.

E-mailed submissions:
Proposals sent by e-mail should be submitted in English or Romanian and must be received not later
than 11:00 (EET) on 25 February 2021, in a separate e-mail containing a scanned copy of the duly signed
and dated Bid Form and price offer with the e-mail subject "LITB-2021-9164941". The official address
for e-mail submission will be chisinautenders@unicef.org. The bidder must attach to the e-mail
signed Bid Form and the prices for each line offered. No links to external pages will be considered.
The e-mail sent shall be free from viruses and corrupted files. Max. File Size per transmission: 20 MB.

Hardcopy submissions:

Bids should be submitted in English or Romanian and must be received not later than 11:00 (EET) on
25 February 2021 in one copy, duly signed and dated. Bidders must submit the sealed bid in a suitable
envelope; the bid must be dispatched to arrive at the UNICEF office indicated no later than the closing
time and date. The envelope must be clearly marked as follows:
Name of company
UNICEF Moldova
131, '31 August 1989' street, UN House, Chisinau, MD-2012 Moldova
Bids received in any other manner will be invalidated.Questions from Bidders. Bidders are required to submit any questions in respect of this Solicitation Document by email to Radu
Bradescu at rbradescu@unicef.org. The deadline for receipt of any questions is 23.02.2021, 17:00.

ITB conditions:
1. Delivery schedule: no later than 21 calendar days from the contract signature date.
2. Partial bids are not accepted.
Signed Bid Form (page 3) and quotation forms (pages 4-5) must be submitted with the bid.
3. Bids shall be submitted by companies duly authorized to sell and distribute the products
offered, holding all the necessary licenses, authorizations and permits.
4. Payment: No advance payment request will be accepted; the payments will be processed in full
within 30 days from the delivery date.
5. Please include in the bid detailed product descriptions, product prices and VAT separately,
product brand name and product pictures.
6. Please enclose in your bid quality, compliance and safety certificates for the offered products.

Please find this announcement and the ITB document at https://sc.undp.md/tnddetails_un/2210/

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